How to Make Money in Moscow without higher education?

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Moscow, as the capital of our vast country, has a very rich and diverse labor market.Here experts of all levels can choose for themselves a decent and fairly paid job.Along with this, it is worth noting that in Moscow is easier to open a new business, for almost any business idea will be in demand.But to make money in Moscow, without even a higher education?Here are a few options for earning purpose.

Participation in market research surveys

This option is very popular in earning online but in real life it can bring more tangible income.How to earn easy money in this way?All very simple.Suffice it to come at the appointed place in the agreed time and fill out a questionnaire.Earnings from this activity ranges from 300 to 1000 rubles per survey.You can also browse through the different trends of cinema and give them a critical evaluation, which also will bring some income.


One of the most simple and affordable options to make money.Schoolboy he comes just perfect.Staggered working hours, constant movement, interaction with people, the ability to self-realization, a demonstration of independence - and this is not an exhaustive list of reasons why teens decide to earn promoters.Handing out flyers in supermarkets, or acting as puppets, you can earn 200 rubles per hour.

shooting in the crowd

How to Make Money in Moscow and at the same time "light up" all over the country?To do this, you need to place your profile on sites acting agencies.Certainly in the near future, you will be invited to shoot in crowd scenes.The level of payment depends on the budget picture.On average it is about 500 rubles for shooting in daylight and 1,000 rubles - for night work.The advantage of this type of activity is an opportunity to demonstrate their own talents that can serve as the impetus for the ascent of the cinematic Olympus.However, we must be alert to the possibility that the shooting can often take place in the not too comfortable conditions (rain, low temperatures, etc.).

Register of firms and the development of charters

lion's share of successful businessmen did not have enough time for running around the banks and numerous government offices to register their businesses.Basically a business owner independently carries out the necessary operations, and registration and registration has been specially hired for this employee.Such activities are paid quite high.How to Make Money in Moscow through the development of statutes and other founding documents?To do this, examine thematic periodicals and literature describing the basics of using sample documents for business purposes.And then - a matter of practice.Only once walking up all instances, you can get valuable and rewarding experience for a future career.

Now you know that the question of "how to make money in Moscow", you can find a huge variety of responses.Factors such as age and the presence of higher education, in this case, do not play a determining role.One need only have the desire and the desire, and the rest comes with experience.