What are debit cards with interest?

The most important difference from credit debit card is that a debit is to use their own funds and credit - bank funds.

Debit cards - it is something like a modern passbook.Replenish the balance, and the money saved in the bank account.If you want, you can withdraw cash or, conversely, to make.

Debit cards for its functionality is no different from other types of cards banks.They make it possible to pay for goods and services, removal of cash remittance commission, tracking their accounts using online banking.

How come accrual on cash

Debit cards with interest, as a rule, assume charge of 0.01 percent per annum.That is, if the account a hundred thousand in one year your account will be credited for 10 rubles.This rate is very low.But to date between banks is fierce competition for each customer, so they try to offer much cheaper rates.Even so, that the debit cards with interest becoming a serious substitute for ordinary bank deposits.For example, some banks offer interest rates up to eleven pe

rcent per annum.

Once you make any operation on a debit card, do not forget to check your balance.This will save you from surprises and troubles.

As debit cards are issued with interest

In order to get a credit card with interest, is required to apply to the bank and apply.Each bank issued card on his own terms and with their tariffs.The difference is significant at times.Annual service of the card can cost up to two thousand.Minimum balance on the account to the maximum percentage been recorded, ranging from 5 to 50 thousand rubles.

How to choose

All debit cards with interest is to choose wisely and treat it very seriously.It is important to calculate how much, and how you spend the funds cash or non-cash way you pay, how far are ATMs and more.Choosing the right debit card may be for you not only a very convenient payment tool, but will leave the safety of your money, but also bring additional revenue.Some banks also operate a variety of bonus programs that allow you to collect bonuses on purchases.These bonuses can pay in stores, gas stations, in the end, to pay a cell phone.

Which bank is better

It will all depend on you.But a few tips you can still give.First, look carefully at what rates, as well as annual maintenance costs.Second, pay attention to the presence of the commissions, is there hidden fees or all transparent.

also have to choose the payment system.If you love to travel, then ask what the payment system, in which country acts, than you will be more convenient to use, etc.

We wish you a successful choice of cards!