How to Draw Trees pencil: Step by step instructions

In this article I will try in an accessible way to tell you how to draw a pencil trees.At first glance it may seem absolutely simple task, to cope with which the power of even a child of five.But in fact, all is not so easily - because in order to get a clear and realistic image, will have to make some efforts.In addition, trees are not perfectly clear contours, and the process prorisovyvaniya individual twigs and leaves a lot of time-consuming.I will tell you how to draw trees quickly and easily.

So, take a sheet of paper and a pencil.Will portray the oak.As we draw a tree in stages, then we outline the start line of the land.Then proceed to drawing the barrel - oak, as is well known, it is quite rough and thick, and the branches begin to grow quite low.We represent some of the most massive and large branches, which go from the small branches.

Of course, the key point is drawing foliage - after all how to draw trees without crown?Its shape should determine the overall impression of the whole picture.In this case some crown is extended on both sides.If comparisons are made with geometric figures, the greatest similarity is captured with an oval.Then go to the image of the leaves.If you are thinking about saving time, it is necessary to make the leaves as if smeared.Otherwise, you can draw the separately each leaf.

To make an image of lightness and vitality make the foliage more dense by applying chaotic strokes around the perimeter of the crown.It should be borne in mind that the lower part always looks a little darker than the top - this is explained by the constant contact with the last sunlight.

contours of the trunk and branches emanating from it should draw the more detail - paint over a pencil, and then direct the density of leaves in the immediate vicinity of the branches.The finishing touch will be dorisovki final contour crown and shadow image under our tree.Careful implementation of all these steps, you will get a clear and realistic picture of the tree.

There are also many other options, how to draw trees.The most simple in execution, perhaps, be called spruce and pine.Although the image of other kinds of trees should not cause you any serious difficulties.The main thing is to approach the process with due diligence, and not without imagination.

If you are seriously puzzled by the question of how to draw a tree, and is not afraid to deal with this problem on its own, then think about visiting specialized courses.There you will not only clearly and step by step to explain the basic nuances of the process, but they illustrate the most obvious way.As a result, you learn how to draw not only trees, but also many other things before causing your difficulty.I do not be surprised if many relatives and friends will soon begin to look to you for advice in the field of painting.