Visa Electron payment card Savings Bank, its functions and features

payment card Visa Electron Savings Bank allows its owner to pay in the trading terminal and receive funds via ATMs worldwide.It can acquire any resident of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of fourteen, in the urban branch of Sberbank of their place of registration.And in some cases - in other offices and bank branches.Visa Electron cards Sberbank are basic and advanced.The main difference is a more in-depth set of functions for more.In addition, it can be the owner of a non-resident of the Russian Federation.However, for more cards will need to be written application of the owner primary.Also, they can get the owners of the family card.

fairly cheap to maintain payment card Visa Electron Sberbank is available opportunity for a large number of Russian citizens to meet their needs for simple financial transactions, which include features such as:

  • opportunity to get a card (inincluding salaries);
  • payment via POS terminals (including abroad);
  • remittances through mobile services;
  • account management via the Internet and other resources.

Currency universal card

In addition, Visa Electron Savings Bank is a multi-currency payment instruments, that is, the card account may be either rubles or US dollars and euros, the choice of the owner.Validity period is limited trёmya years and maintenance costs - 300 rubles per year.

A simple set of functions

However, along with plenty of benefits this card has some drawbacks, arising from the provision of basic functions only means of payment for its owner.One of the most keenly dedicated disadvantages is the inability to secure the account to the financial systems of online shops in Europe and the United States.For example, for the estimated activities in international electronic payment system Paypal Visa Electron Sberbank, although it has an account in US dollars, will be technologically simple-minded.This is due to various constraints of banks to conduct independent online card transactions.Additionally, feature verification code CVC (Card Verification Code), which, in turn, she is absent.But do not be wasted on such a minor issue, since if necessary Savings can provide other electronic payment card with a deeper range of functions, including providing for the possibility of cooperation with Paypal, eBay, and other Western organizations.

reasonable price

Owner Visa Electron Sberbank, having no need to communicate with a variety of foreign payment systems will be much cheaper to manage content more simplified, but it is satisfying the needs of its devices.

As today are expensive services relating to any financial transactions.But no one asks to splurge on a completely unnecessary for the customer's bank functions of these services.And in today's economic uncertainty, a time of crisis this type of recklessness, of course, meaningless.