Reviews of the bank "Tinkoff": Opinions of customers

bank "Tinkoff" original in the first place so that he does not have offices and branches: all activities carried out through the Internet.He is an official legal entity, has long been successfully operating in the Russian financial market.In this connection we can trust company, although it is a sort of virtual.Yes, and reviews of the bank "Tinkoff" by many customers as good as they did not trust us, even in a strange way ... But sometimes there are completely opposite, angry and indignant.They are also not so little.Whom to believe?To understand this, one must understand the essence of the claims.

What love bank "Tinkoff"?The arguments of supporters

Bank beloved by many customers, particularly those who received a loan there.The most common are two types of borrowers.The first - those who have everything figured out in advance, agreed to the conditions stated on the card and is comfortable with them.Second - those who, on the contrary, considered does not like or does not know how.The main thing - to get a loan, and how much to pay and how many years, they do not care.

Those whose ratings on the bank "Tinkoff" very positive, guided by the following factors:

- the ease of obtaining the card - in the sense that much easier to get approved than in many other organizations;

- 55 days without interest;

- small minimum payment;

- the ability to borrow money again and again;

- unobtrusive Bank (until payments are made on time or even in advance).

Investors also happy: today the company has worked well, it is considered reliable and regularly pays interest, which are quite high by modern standards.

In light of the above comments about the bank "Tinkoff" can be positive, and nothing strange in this, even for those who do not share the opinion of his admirers.But probably not all so smoothly, just as many unhappy people?Is there a negative side?

Probably everyone knows that there are also bad reviews about the bank "Tinkoff".Every wonder what it is connected.I must say that over the insurance of deposits and debit card claims are extremely rare, it is difficult to even find.The bulk of loans accounted for, in this case the cards.Here are some examples that are most common, and focus on how each objective.

client receives a credit card, to spend her money, and soon discovers that his account every month shoot clearly more promised percent.Usual rate - 36%, but in reality, comes out to about 48%, and even a little more.It should be understood that the reason - the money for insurance.Also, there is a charge "SMS-banking".It therefore increases the amount.Any such write-off is in the table, which can be viewed on the website.

course, insulting.But it was spelled out in advance.Moreover, it is normal for the majority of banks, "Tinkoff" at least provides an extract.On it you can see what happened to the money, and did not need to order it specially.

And that's what the bank really is sinful?What negative customer feedback about the bank "Tinkoff" can be considered objective?

  1. Instead of the promised "5 minutes to process an application" to the borrower gets ... a month.Often the call received from the bank when nobody thinks it coming.
  2. Then you can more than one week is expected when the courier will be free time for delivery of the card.
  3. 55 days are automatically canceled if you took cash (this sin almost all banks).Warn about it will not even be in the contract.
  4. Calls on the need to make the payment may come a week before the deadline.

The conclusion is simple: not to write later about the bad reviews "Tinkoff" BANK, should be attentive to the contract, to the figures, and take into account what is written in the list above.Are you ready for this?It suits you?If not, find another offer.If so - take a map and remember the shortcomings.