How to part with a guy without mutual resentment?

sometimes break off relations is very difficult, but you can try to do everything right and stay friends.

Occasionally a pair of young people come into irresolvable impasse, and the girl is easy and simple choice: to suffer further torturing himself and a young man, or to disperse in search of his real happiness.

Unfortunately, making the right choice is not so simply: the girls are afraid to hurt their boyfriends who may still try to recover the value of relationships and the old feelings, and can not pronounce the final word.Girls just do not know how to leave a man so that he did not kill himself, and is not done in a fit of resentment and frustration any nonsense.

No intrigue

main mistake of wishing to break the girls become the most desire to whitewash itself at least in his own eyes.It often happens that a good reason to break simply do not have - and then the girl provoked some scandal, for unknown reasons, invent some kind of non-existent problems - in other words, create a conflict situation from scratch, so that when the first signs of losing a guy patience to get away fromhim, if he is guilty.

Sometimes even more, if there is no reason for the gap - women create it.One of the most common cases is collusion with his girlfriend, who, taking advantage of its permit, lures the unsuspecting guy that gives the girl suddenly broke reason to make a scene of jealousy, and with peace of mind to leave him, slamming the door proudly.

That does not answer the question of how to part with the guy.Think for yourself: do not remember the memory of that moment firmly, do the conscience will not know who is really to blame?The desire to break - this one, and unfair to the person to trust you - it's sneaky stab in the back.This should not forget how hard was not.

Integrity and honesty again

To understand that relationship came final and irrevocable end, you need to call your partner to a serious and thoughtful dialogue.Honestly I tell him without reserve and reticence, all their conclusions, not rolling his tantrum and going on about the emotions you can have together to reflect on the appropriateness of the relationship.

guys are not stupid, and it is able to be sensitive when it is needed.It is possible they will understand all the girls set out the problems and support their decision to part friends.And maybe is that guy laughing refute all the arguments of the girl, and that she will understand: all the everyday problems of time and sincere feelings - for a long time.

In any case, it is not necessary to lock.If burn bridges - it honestly and with his hand.In the future, it will save the girl from the weight of the problems associated with the inescapable guilt.

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