Actors "Kill Bill" and their best work in other films

the autumn of 2003 came the first part of the movie "Kill Bill" and later, in the spring of 2004, you will see the second part.Films belong to one of the greatest directors of our time - Quentin Tarantino.Actors "Kill Bill" is becoming popular day by day release pattern in the rental.The film aroused great public interest, and today many attribute it to the classics of cinema.


What can be a criminal thriller Quentin Tarantino?First of all about revenge!

Bill - ringleader of the best hitmen.One of his charges, Black Mamba, decides to withdraw from the case, forget the past and live a normal life.She planned the wedding, right in the church she explains Bill, introducing his father to her fiance.Boss Black Mamba releases, since it acquires a second nickname - Bride.By the way, the girl is pregnant and hopes to further a peaceful and happy family life.

But Bill gives the order to kill the bride and all those involved in its celebration.The film is full of bloody, violent scenes, and the massacre in the church - one of them.

But the bride, despite the resulting shot in the head, survived, but falls into a four-year coma.Coming out of his condition, she swears revenge on cruel to Bill and all the "former colleagues" who destroyed her life and hopes of happiness.

Actors movie "Kill Bill", starred

main role avenging Bride (Black Mamba) Tarantino Uma Thurman entrusted actress.This is not the first collaboration of Quentin and Uma, before it was "Pulp Fiction."It is worth noting that the frail, pale, unlike the Hollywood actress approx coped with this role.Black Mamba combines lightness, tenderness, brutality, skill, honed over the years, the disappointment and the incredible luck of preserving her life in the most dangerous situations.

Actors "Kill Bill" were different roads to fame.For example, Uma Thurman, before becoming a famous actress, she worked as a dishwasher and tried herself as a model.And, of course, were the roles that have not brought the desired "bonuses" in the pursuit of popularity.She starred in the fantasy film "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" and pornography (later changed the status of the picture), "Henry and June".Happy meeting with Tarantino greatly influenced her career.

David Carradine played the role of Bill.Before the role of the leader of the gang of "Deadly Viper" actor received the status of martial arts and has starred in more than 80 films.He began acting at age 28, working with renowned directors and its characters are memorable, the audience loved his characters.Carradine could not be better suited to the role of cruel, calm, wise Bill.In 2009, the actor was gone.Play "Snake Charmer" he had in both parts of "Kill BillĀ»

actors who participated in the project

part of the "Deadly Viper" included such characters as:

  • O-Ren Ishii (Agkistrodon piscivorus).In the story in front of her character in the 9 years she killed her parents, grown-up O-Ren revenge killers, and eventually became a master in this case.The battle between her and the Bride takes place in the club "The House of Blue Leaves."This role is played by Lucy Liu, she has a rich track record, among which there are some movies where she plays a "fighting girls".Among the most prominent addition to this role - it works in "Charlie's Angels," "Chicago" and "Kung Fu Panda."In real life, Lucy is fluent in several languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.
  • Vernita Green (moccasin) embodies the dream of the Black Mamba (while it is involved in the massacre at the rehearsal wedding Bride).Vernita leaves the squad taking a new name, getting married, giving birth to a daughter and lives happily for four years, is out of the coma does not leave the Black Mamba.Actors "Kill Bill" have rich filmography, and Vivica A. Fox, who played Vernita Green - is no exception.More than 30 films on the bill this pretty actress, most famous - "Independence Day," "The Young and the Restless," "Sea Adventure".
  • Alley Driver (California mountain viper).All the characters in the movie do not differ mercy, but this character is considered one of the most violent.The driver - the only one Black Mamba killed and deprived of the second eye.Today, the actress who played the role, Daryl Hannah, 54 years old, and she actively continues to act.Among the most famous of her works may be mentioned are: "Blade Runner," "Wall Street", "Attorneys-class."
  • Pei Mei - a martial arts master who taught the black mamba and Dorothy driver.Renowned actor Gordon Liu played the role of teacher.His filmography is replete with activities associated with the martial arts and swordsmanship, "Shaolin martial arts", "Calling wizards", "36th Chamber of Shaolin," "The Last Hero in China" and "Tiger on the run."

Interesting facts

After the movie was released conversations about him were very long, and still are fans, happy to review it for the hundredth time.With the creation of the films it involves a lot of interesting facts:

  • Actors "Kill Bill", as well as the rest of the team Tarantino took place not only careful selection but also additional training in different directions.
  • Start filming was moved to the year due to pregnancy Uma Thurman.
  • role of Black Mamba Quentin offered birthday Thurman.
  • almost 65 thousand dollars spent on various creators of little things flashing in the film.
  • Quentin received a metal ball and chain on the head when shooting scenes with Gogo.The actress accidentally got into it.