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The advent of compact flash drives immediately provided them with a lot of popularity since it was and is a very easy and comfortable way to have the necessary information at hand, move it, and so on. D. With the development of computer technology this popularity only grew, because the cost of fallingand the amount of data placed on the media is increasing every day.

However, the operation is not possible without security features stored information, especially if the drive containing important data.For such cases, it will be very helpful to set a password on a USB flash drive.The more that the size and specific use storage often creates instances when they forget or lose.

Put a password on a USB flash drive can be different ways.The simplest one is to set a password for individual documents.It should be noted that many popular programs office destination provide this function.These include: Word, Excell, Acrobat and others. The weak point of these applications is the relatively low level of protection that can be hacked.However, the average user will make it very difficult.

information has always been the most valuable product, so know how to put a password on a USB flash drive, then protect it from unwanted distribution.For this purpose, special software is used to find that the Internet is very easy with the respective desires.Programs for protection are both paid and free.Their principle of action is to encrypt the contents of the stick.

Before you put a password on a USB flash drive, it must be stored in a safe place so as not to create a situation where access to information is closed to the owner.Choosing software that will perform the task should be carried out on the basis of ease of use and availability of the necessary functions.

By finding the appropriate software to protect your drive, you must take into account one very important caveat.Many applications do allow very simple how to put a password on a USB flash drive and remove it.But!Some of them require administrator rights for this computer, which is not always possible to get when using the drive on another PC.This can cause a number of inconveniences, so the possibility of such a situation should be considered in advance.Unfortunately, the best programs in this segment include strong encryption only with administrative rights.
Summarizing, we can say that in today's world it is very important to know how to put a password on a USB flash drive.This will avoid getting into trouble, because the drives may contain important business information.In addition, there can be no personal information, such as photographs or correspondence, access to which would not like to give to other people.

should be noted that it is highly desirable not to store important data in one copy only on the external portable storage and pre-make a copy, or even a few, and store in a safe place.