"Lucky" (taxi) drivers and passengers of reviews

available transport services is always relevant and in demand, especially taxis economy.What does it mean?"Economy" - an alternative to public transport.One such service is "lucky" - taxis reviews which confirmed its popularity.What are the views of drivers and passengers about this service?

On the services

Taxi "Lucky" feature minimal fees for landing and kilometer.Some trips leave almost nothing.The fleet consists of a good foreign cars: minivans and station wagons.There are additional services: taximeter, reception at the station, airport and others.Taxi Service «Carries to», reviews about the which the is quite are ambiguous, especially did not stands out among competitors, but provides customers with the opportunity to to save essentially.

Pricing Policy

cost of the trip is calculated in a convenient format for the passenger: by taximeter or at a fixed rate.Calculation of the taximeter depends on the time spent in transit and made at the end of the trip.When you order online (online or via the app) is a permanent discount.

selected fixed method of calculation, at the time of ordering, you can know in advance the final cost of the trip.Fixed price should not be changed because of the time lost in traffic jams.The cost of a trip taking into account the discounts is possible to calculate on the website or with the help of mobile special application.

positive feedback about the taxi passengers "Lucky»

Many passengers regularly use taxis "Lucky" (Moscow feedback on his work is good) talk about their positive experiences.Bribe them quality service and reasonable prices.What are the pros generally say customers?

  • easiest and simple taxi service, you can not call operators.
  • very cheap prices, flexible system of calculating the cost of the trip.Price controllers called once, the drivers usually do not challenge it.
  • neat and courteous drivers in a good mood, if necessary, help with luggage.
  • Clean car - foreign car without unpleasant odors.
  • fast pitch, come a few minutes before the specified time.The driver calls, reports that in place.You can contact them through the program Taxi "Lucky."

Reviews taxi drivers confirm that the company has the most affordable prices among competitors.In addition, customers and drivers positively evaluate rapid clearance application via the Internet and telephone, availability of convenient service alerts via SMS.In the taxi, "Lucky" running the service quality, which can solve disputes or to address if the service is rendered badly.

«lucky» and corporate clients

«Lucky" - taxis reviews that people have left for the most part positive.One of the areas of work is not satisfactory, is the conclusion of contracts for the provision of services to corporate clients.Organizations in cooperation with "Lucky", as a rule, satisfied with the service, drivers, no problems with the call.Many people use the services of a taxi than a year.

Disadvantages of "Lucky" (taxi).Reviews

«Lucky" has recently attracted criticism from some customers.Of course, one can not expect high quality service from the cheapest taxi.Passengers tend to expect from drivers and dispatchers elementary performance of their duties.«Carries to" is sometimes disappoints even regular customers, so-as the over improvement of quality of rendered services, as many believe passengers, does not work.

Clients, utilizing the services of the given a taxi, most often note the following disadvantages company's:

  • Cheating with the cost of of trips in a taxi «Carries to» (Moscow).
  • Reviews drivers confirm that the company did not check the technical condition of the car, not the interests of its capacity.
  • There are drunk drivers entering with passengers in an accident.
  • Taxi drivers are late for half an hour, an hour and a half or do not come.
  • Managers and service quality are not working.
  • Dirty car inside and out.Driver lot of smoke directly into the cabin.

Sometimes customers have to call up on their own with the driver to find out where he is reached or not.In addition, it happens that a few minutes before feeding cars can report that the car is not necessary.

foreigner driving

Today, many customers are taxi "Lucky", including permanent, leave a lot of complaints about the non-Russian drivers.In general, people are not against migrant workers, taxi drivers who want to make money, if only to know his business.But many unskilled visitors (from Central Asia and so on. D.) Do not know the city, do not speak in Russian and did not know how to use navigators, taximeter.For some of them difficult to simply enter a street name in the Navigator.In addition, according to many passengers, employees are often cheated, try to get extra money by any means, for example, referring to the lack of delivery.

«Lucky" (taxi) sometimes gets negative reviews, reflecting the following disadvantages riding with drivers, migrant workers:

  • deceive customers and the company, calling high prices that exceed the value of the path of the taximeter and do not coincide with the amount of CMC.
  • Extreme driving even with the kids in the cabin, in violation of traffic rules.
  • Frequent tardiness employees, are not oriented in the city.
  • Drivers spend a lot of time searching for the road.

work in a taxi, "Lucky."Reviews drivers

Service Taxi "Lucky", as well as any labor, has its pros and cons.Working in a taxi in general may not be easy, as is stressful, unpredictable and requires the ability to find common ground with passengers, dispatchers, resolve conflict.Talking to people - a complicated thing, and some customers are generally able to "blood to clot."

What are the same advantages has a work is in a taxi «Carries to»:

  • Reviews drivers forced to to pay attention to a significant plus a given service: job placement without seniority.
  • Take all comers.
  • Opportunity to earn good money at the expense of a large flow of customers, because it is one of the cheapest taxi.

The unhappy drivers working for the company is "lucky"?

Employees often note the following disadvantages of working in this taxi:

  • Neglect of customers, managers and office managers to drivers.
  • More competition among drivers.
  • may dismiss for improper communication with controllers, so it is better not to argue, and strictly follow instructions.
  • Poor work program for drivers, hangs and gets distracted while driving.Not considered and many other workers moments.Discounts do
  • by a taxi driver.It is problematic to withdraw money earned by bank transfer.

in a taxi, "Lucky", which reviews the drivers generally still positive, we can work quietly and to earn.In the presence of driving experience is recommended to try yourself in different taxi services.

Feedback from staff on the work of software for taxi drivers

In "Lucky" provides software for taxi drivers, which in many respects are not satisfied with the drivers.Negative reviews employees Taxi "Lucky" is often associated with dysfunction of the program.Taxi drivers say that it is not thought out, it has several disadvantages:

  • program makes often distracted from the road while driving, which can lead to accidents.Distract and pop-up confirmation, who can not to retire themselves.
  • program often hangs an error and quickly consumes battery.
  • Inconvenient arrangement of buttons, they are very small, and press while in motion problematic.

drivers on the work of non-cash

bad reviews about a taxi "Lucky" generally reflect the level of the company and forced to pay attention to another problem: not thought out non-cash payments with the drivers.The money earned for hydrating by bank transfer, lie in the personal account of a taxi driver.On account of the fixed cost of the order comes from the discount is deducted (the taxi driver out of pocket pay discounts to customers).The cost of the order does not change the number of passengers making changes to the route, and so on.. For example, for 350 rubles.the car can take four passengers, which will have to deliver to their homes in different districts.In addition the company is paying the taxi driver discounts for each order of 10% to 13%, then the account will get 310 rubles.excluding gasoline.If there is congestion, the sluggishness of customers who have to wait for half an hour, to make good money in the end is very problematic.From

orders, including non-cash payment, the taxi driver to refuse are not allowed, as in this case, it will disconnect from the line, suspended from work.Get the money from your account is very easy.The day can be removed no more than two thousand.To do this, it is necessary to to drive up into the office by two o'clock, to defend the place, but not the fact, that after this will manage to to receive the your earnings, so-as money in the company often end with already in the half past two.Thus, the driver, who works on a clearing settlement, like would earns, but walks with a empty pockets.

How does the quality of service, and taxi dispatchers "lucky"?

Very few customers understand, that the from the a taxi ekonomklassa of excellent service to expect should not be.Recently, customers service "Lucky" leave a lot of comments about the services of this taxi.Some point out that part of the company is not an adequate response to solve customer problems and disputes.Consumers have the impression that after making a booking service do not care whether the driver drove to the place: at a call saying that the car drove up, and in fact it is not.Others believe that the "lucky" the most ideal service for such meager price and use the services of a taxi than a year.

«Lucky" (taxi, reviews of which are quite contradictory) has significant disadvantages associated with the work of dispatchers and service quality.What are the problems noted their clients?

  • Incompetence department of quality control.Indifference and complete unwillingness to help solve the problem on the part of managers and service quality control.
  • Managers do not seem, rude to customers and drivers, often confused street addresses, sending the driver to the wrong area.
  • dispatching service can not convey to the driver full information about the order.
  • operators do not report when the machine is delayed.
  • After-treatment in the service of qualities are not call back.

Thus, have user reviews about taxis «Carries to» is written very a lot and of positive, and negative, but the negative all-taki outweigh the.Judge in the spirit of "the passenger is always right" in all situations is also undesirable.For example, a client, angered by the fact that the taxi came a minute later, leaving a negative review, as expected the car in 10-15 minutes and did not have time to come!

Nevertheless, many passengers and drivers are confident that the company does not seeks to establish qualitative work a taxi «Carries to».Feedback from staff draws attention to the many shortcomings of the taxi, including the lack of respect for their own employees and customers.Celebrating and incompetence of the company's management and personnel services.