How to quickly get rid of acne at home?

Each of us is faced with the question of how to quickly get rid of pimples.Some he troubled adolescence, others - closer to twenty years.But what to do when in front of an important event: a romantic dinner, talks, and even a private wedding, and you do not fit?Immediately the question arises: how to quickly get rid of acne at home?To do this, there are many effective ways.

Today, there are many ways to help you quickly get rid of pimples.The only question is how much time you have and what resources are available.

If a pimple attack you from the night before the scheduled event, and a lot of time, do not relax, but also to panic too.In the morning, apply to problem areas aloe leaf - preferably for several hours.You'll see that when you remove the face with aloe, on the pimple no trace left!Aloe juice - not just a quick way to get rid of acne, but also a great help in the healing of wounds and scars.

numerous pimples on the face may be the result of digestive disorders.In this case, instead of thinking how to quickly get rid of acne is to adjust your daily diet.Completely excluded from their menus fatty, smoked, sweet and flour dishes, everything that does not apply to products of good nutrition - bars, chips, soda, sunflower seeds, nuts and so on. D. (At least temporarily).Eat plenty of cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, drink low-fat yogurt and pure mineral water.And only after the stomach problems are resolved, proceed to the treatment of acne itself.

effective There is an excellent and simple way how to quickly get rid of pimples.You will need only a teaspoon of sugar, baking soda and boiling water.All need to mix and give a solution to wipe his face.If you do it every day, then problems such as pimples and acne, you sure will not worry.

There is another way.He's a little more complicated, but no less effective.So, you need three cloves of garlic, preferably fresh.Garlic must be burned over an ashtray and add a teaspoon of honey.The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas and leave for 10-15 minutes.Then wash off the mask and rub the face with oil to secure the effect.Rinse with cool water.

Fight acne can be used and tablets.Perfectly suited preparations "Streptocide" "Chloramphenicol" and hydrogen peroxide.It is necessary to crush ten tablets each and pour the powder obtained with hydrogen peroxide - so that the mass to be not too thin.The resulting mixture was applied to the acne and wait until it dries completely.Rinse very carefully!First, warm water, then cold even ice, and the end - wipe face with ice.

For problematic oily skin this way does not quite fit.In this case, better to use the infusion of calendula (50 ml) and pills "Trichopolum" (10 pieces).Mix these two ingredients and let stand for days in a cool dark place.Then the ready solution to wash your face morning and evening.And a healthy beautiful skin you provided!