Shellac on his feet.

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In the summer time the girls want to look perfect.It concerns not only right and proper pick up clothes, but also manicure and pedicure.That is why the shellac on his feet in the summer looks especially harmoniously.


them there are so many.Firstly, shellac on legs lasts longer than a similar coating on the hands.This is due primarily to the fact that the handle does most of the housework, which inevitably leads to the contact with water and chemicals.At his feet is no such problem, and hence the coating lasts longer at times.Second, the applied gel lacquer is easy.Just like a normal nail polish, except that the air is not dried, and the rays of the ultraviolet lamp.Third, shellac coating on the legs can be done by yourself, saving money for the campaign to the master or the salon.But the handle is better to put in order the professionals, because they are always in sight, and any deficiency is evident.With feet no such problem, because you can always wear closed shoes.


Without them, too, was not.The biggest drawback is that you need to acquire or ready to set Shellac, or collect it yourself.If we talk about the present original shellac from the American brand CND, then it will cost an average of three thousand rubles.But the gel varnish other companies are at times cheaper, though, and the result does not always live up to expectations.In addition, there is another drawback - the ultraviolet lamp.It must acquire the necessary since without gel lacquer or shellac will not be able to polymerize.

How to choose a lamp

Home there is no need to select the device with many features and options.Suffice simplest UV lamp 9 watts that artists often used as an alternate road or options.In order to perform shellac on your feet at home, that's enough.In addition, there is such a lamp in the range 300-1000 rubles, which is not very pretty penny.

Training legs

Without it can not be without.Before you perform shellac on your feet, you need to carefully handle the skin of the feet and nails.It is recommended to make a relaxing or, conversely, toning bath with sea salt and herbs.It should refrain from the use of any oil, as it will prevent good adhesion gel and natural nail polish.Therefore, only sufficient sea salt and herbs.With float or nail file to stop the horny layer of skin is removed, repeatedly if necessary.The cuticle pusher is moved on the legs or orange stick, and then removed.This can be done with the help of pliers, the device for a pedicure or a special tool.However, it is worth remembering that when working with metal cutting tools need to be careful.The cuticle is cut or "bites" only in the area that lends itself easily to this.Nails using nail files attached accurate form.It is recommended to remove the length of "the roots" with scissors, because the legs of the nail plate grows very quickly.


To apply shellac on the toe nails, require:

  • color gel nail polish (one or more, depending on the planned design and composition);
  • basis for shellac (called Base);
  • fixer, or top (Top Soak Gel Polish);
  • degreaser or nail polish remover.

UV lamp is an integral part of the set, so you can not do without it.

Application Procedure Since

make shellac on your feet as easily as regular nail strike, then at home it should not cause difficulties.However, there are some features that you should consider.

first to nail fat layer is removed using a degreaser or nail polish remover.This is necessary in order to better material bonded to the nail bed without detachments and chips after a day or two.

Some artists in the salon is applied to the nails a special primer, which is also responsible for reliable traction gel polish and nail surface.However, with the present corporate Shellac is no need.Simply degrease.

base or "base" is applied very thin layer.It is clear, has no smell, the consistency a little thicker than normal paint.You can use special separator to getting dirty skin adjacent fingers.Drying the base layer in the ultraviolet lamp of about 60-90 seconds, depending on the power unit.

Color "Shellac" on his feet (the design in this case means the easiest - monochrome) performed below is quite simple.At the base of the dried thin layer of gel polish, dried in the tube.If necessary, the action is repeated to obtain a more saturated color.

When color gel nail polish is applied, to dry, it must be secure.Masthead cover for this purpose also is intended.It is applied with a thin layer so that the nail ends were sealed, otherwise the material will "crawl", shear and burst.Masthead coating dries in UV lamp is on average 40-90 seconds.To remove the sticky layer is usually not required because the current Top Coat carried out on an ad hoc basis, which completely cures in the UV lamp.


Many girls get bored monotonous nail.That is why the master lot of effort spent on it to develop a technique of applying a design on shellac.French on his feet was no exception.Incidentally, this was one of the first versions of nail art pedicure, who became masters embody.How is

jacket on his feet?It is much easier than on the hands.Firstly, there is no need to draw a level line and an ideal smile.Secondly, it is not necessary to resort to the help of special stencils.It is enough to have on hand a white gel-varnish and a thin brush.

First the preparation of feet and nails, then cover the last base layer, if necessary and desired - in pink.When it dries in the rays of an ultraviolet lamp, a fine brush drawn flat white strip at the edge of each nail.It should not be too wide or thick, as well as natural and genuine.Gel polish dried, and then cover the top-end finish.

So you can make absolutely any shellac on his feet.Design is selected strictly individually.So, for example, a great demand for manicure and pedicure performed in a single composition and color.Houses can safely experiment with drawings, stickers, patterns, choosing one design, which is more necessary to the soul.