How to choose the best concealer

Every girl wants to be beautiful.Someone on the nature of perfect skin, which does not require any special care, but many people may need to use foundation to conceal, such as dark circles under the eyes, age spots, facial wrinkles.In such cases come to the aid foundation, which will help you to cope even with minor skin problems.

What is the foundation

for spectacular makeup need a good foundation, which largely depends on what is the best foundation for your skin you choose.It is indispensable for festive events, such as weddings.All the guests' attention focused on the bride, its image has to be perfect, the eyes should be filled with joy and happiness, smile shine, and the skin must be perfectly smooth.Festive and solemn make-up must be carried out professionally, or at least it should be done on your part flawlessly.You can use such brands as "Maybeline", "Lancome", "Maxfactor", professionals use camouflage cream, which is quite difficult to find on the open market.

However, if we talk about skin problems, the tone cream "Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation" is unlikely someone will be able to compete.It is recognized as the best way to disguise the shortcomings and flaws.The only drawback is the lack of bright colors in the palette.

When to use a concealer

Using foundation in the summer depending on weather conditions.If it's hot 30, it is likely to even the best foundation can "float" on your face.If you are going to the beach and going swimming, or you are dealing with a swim in the pool, the cream should be waterproof.Remember that many creams come with a high degree of protection from the sun.When buying keep in mind this factor.In the summer, try not to correct makeup at the end of the day using the powder.On the skin of the day it is accumulated dirt, sweat, and this together with the powder you rub into the skin.So come and clogged pores, which does not flow through the oxygen mask of powder, foundation and everything else.Even the best foundation will not save you from this "explosive mixture".If you wish to update your makeup, the perfect option would be to wash concealer and apply it again.If you do not have this capability, use matting towels and refreshing sprays for the face, which can be used directly on top of makeup during the day.

Using foundation in the winter and in the cold season is protected from the wind, frost, snow, rain and other weather conditions.In recent years, the environment is heavily polluted, environmental conditions leave much to be desired, especially for residents of large cities.Before you apply a properly selected foundation, in winter, use rich cream, it will create a protective effect and prevents the unpleasant consequences associated with frostbite and chapping of the skin.

It is important to choose a cream that will fit your skin type, otherwise you risk getting shelled "islands" on the face, if you have dry skin, or unsightly shine, if you have oily skin.In the first case, the best foundation - is "Lancome Teint Miracle", because it is the products of this brand will help skin look well-groomed and velvety.And for the type of fat we recommend using "Max Factor Facefinity 3-in-1", which has, in addition to toning, and even matte properties.

How to choose a foundation

First of all pay attention to the color, it should be 1-2 shades darker than your skin, but no more, otherwise you will create the opposite effect, and lightly tanned skin will look unnatural.If you have purchased the best foundation luxury that suits you in all respects, but you made a mistake with the color, and it was a bit darker than you thought, do not worry.This can be corrected if it add a bit of the usual day cream that you use every day.

best foundation, according to consumers using inexpensive products, - is "Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation".The main advantage of this product, most women consider it a nice ivory color, besides, he does not give a yellowish tint face.

the correct choice of foundation depends on your make-up and image as a whole.Be always beautiful and tasteful make-up.