Photocopying as a means of market promotion

Advertising can be different: voluminous modest signs or banners, placards or expensive small ads in the media.And there's such a thing as gift products, which the company distributes in the promotions or gives business partners and employees.And such a solution can tell us a lot more potential customers.

That requires all

Without modern information storage - flash cards is difficult to imagine its existence and office workers, and employees who are in constant traveling, and just anyone in everyday life.So stick with the company logo as a gift will not be left lying around.Moreover, the mass of options, which can be made of these essential devices will satisfy any one category of consumers:

  • Items in plastic housing can be called longevity.They are the most common, attract attention with bright colors, have different opening types can be used as a keyring that, as they say, always be at hand.
  • «Wooden» models assume greater scope for creativity.This may be a device in the "garb" usual form, but they are found in the form of a plug with wine, pocket mirrors or the letter "L" painted under the checkered and simulates the course of a horse in this intellectual game.
  • original flash drives are carried out in the form of various figures of people, animals, objects and interior, pendants, pendants, and can be combined with a pen and flashlight to simulate the cryptex (famous puzzle Da Vinci) or money clip.The material can be used, and metal.In this case, the logo is applied by laser engraving.

Leather stick or mini format - the list can be very long, but the important thing is that the choice is big enough.

Without tea I miss

No institution is not without breaks for tea or coffee break.And so the mugs with the logo as a souvenir will be useful to employees and business partners.The varied color palette, the shape and material of manufacture to prevent a recurrence and allow to produce different products, such as different divisions or departments.You can give preference to glass, earthenware, porcelain

Do not forget that using such a present can not only strengthen the corporate spirit, but also congratulate our colleagues on the holiday or increase.