Cash magnets to attract money (photo)

Visualization long been recognized as an effective method of influence on human activity: the more often people see the personification of their own dreams, the more moving in this direction.

Money Magnet: Photo

attracts money thing should be for everyone.After all material wealth takes 90% of the attention of every person.Cash transactions, investments and risks lead to frequent stress and depression.To advantageous to reduce the psychological burden and improve brain function, many experts advise to create a money magnet, a photo of which may please you even at a distance.What are these little things?

Cash magnets are a popular and rather colorful way to attract financial success.Banknotes and coins, as the royal personages, like caring attitude and respect.Therefore, creating a monetary figure, a man attracts financial stability.These magnets can be purchased in popular souvenir shops or make their own, imbued every movement with thoughts of hope.

Cash magnets - a sign of good luck and prosperity money, so the figure of the magnet can repeat a variety of silhouettes.To give financial assistant positive charge, the magnet can be created in the form of Christmas trees.This amulet perfectly fit the interior of any home in the New Year's time will be a wonderful decoration.

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To create a money magnet in the form of Christmas trees need:

  • green raffia (palm leaves of the material);
  • 15 pure gold coins (10 cents perfectly cope with its mission);
  • quality paperboard;
  • magnet does not exceed the planned figures;
  • scissors and glue;
  • figures of banknotes for decorating trees.

Manufacturing mascot

  1. to the mascot has become a powerful symbol of financial success, you must create it in a benevolent mood and devote himself entirely to a future figure.How to make a money magnet?To start you need to prepare the cardboard draw a silhouette of Christmas trees, its dimensions and multiple layers depend only on the number of coins and the human imagination.
  2. next step will be the transformation of Christmas trees with the help of raffia - green fibers must be glued to the top of Christmas trees and give a good bond with cardboard.After the fiber must be carefully wrapped around a cardboard figure, slowly pushing it to the base of the tree.To raffia held most firmly, before pasting it can be sprinkled lightly with water.Then, the fiber will become pliable.
  3. Cash magnets knowingly pose on a green background - juicy color green symbolizes growth and strong development, so coins, reclined on such a prosperous background, with double diligence work to improve the financial situation.
  4. When raffia fully grasp with cardboard and dry, you can safely proceed to the pasting coins.Starting always is with the "foundation" of Christmas trees: the base of trees is necessary to decorate the coins 4-6 (depending on its size), putting a coin slightly overlapping.The next set they should be laid in a staggered manner dense, reducing the amount of gold discs to the top of trees.

to cash magnets were more presentable before sticking a magnet on the back side of the financial assistant should take care of loop for added convenience when decorating.To manufactured tree shining prosperity and good luck, the space between the coins you can pour sequins and beads.A figure of banknotes can paste up randomly throughout the fur-tree.


There is also a money magnet, reviews of which only positive, it is called a money chest.This kind of thing can stick on the refrigerator and put it in gold coins.To create magnet-casket required:

  • cardboard box is not very deep (can be glued on their own);
  • 3 gold Chinese coins with a red silk ribbon;
  • amethyst;
  • magnet across the width of the part of the box (small magnet can not deter later casket full of coins);
  • coins (paper money);
  • decor.

Tips for Choosing bills

for easy augmentation funds important denominations color - developing positive and easy are blue, green and yellow bill.It is not necessary to keep notes on the background of which there are the ruins.These bills must be happy to exchange or simply happy to squander.For the money does not stagnate, they must be used wisely.Experts advise to store notes only in the wallets of natural materials, not necessarily chase crocodile or python skin: Fabric purses in no way inferior leather.


cardboard casket will also be a smart solution of this issue.To cash casket was a reliable guardian of the money necessary to take care of the casket lid (you can take a braided decorative boxes made of twigs).Many girls prefer stylish retro, so often creates a vintage cash magnet.

on the back of the casket is necessary to glue the magnet and allow to dry thoroughly.Once you can safely engage in decoration products.Each side of the box can be decorated with decorative pearl droplets, beads, or beads, golden money signs and flowers.The inside of the casket can upholster with silk fringe, or to coin felt care.When the casket is ready, it is necessary to add up the coins and banknotes.And in the middle of the pack amethyst, it is perfectly concentrate cash flow.

casket is not just to keep their savings, you need to pay each enclose it with new coins, and older brother in consumption.This cycle will help to strengthen financial success.This rule is subject to any cash magnet.

magnet for money

money Law of Attraction teaches everyone to assess the process of movement of finance, analyzing their own situation, realizing their strengths.To financial situation is developing dynamically, everyone must constantly work on yourself.

Do not accumulate "dead weight" - a magnet can attract any gold, but if there is no place to put up with due care and reverence, it will leave the man.Therefore, buying or creating money figurines and magnets must be clearly aware of their situation, to understand where you can expect the flow of funds and in what amounts.

Money Tree

Each magnet represents a direct link between man and his finances.The perfect solution for women could be living a money tree, supported by everyday magic.At the bottom of the flower pot (you should use a new one), you need to put the current coins of each denomination, compacted on top of them prepared the ground and planted a flower.To give an extra pot of surroundings, it is possible on a woolen thread to hang jingling coins with a hole in the center (these are sold in many stores) and wooden beads.

Caring for such money plant must be carefully, carefully responding to changes or disturbances.Coins will not be able to damage the root system of a flower, but rather serve as a kind of drainage layer, if put them mixed with pebbles.The faster a plant grows and develops, the more effective will be the development and financial well-being.

Conclusion As you can see, money magnets may be different.Choose the one you prefer will have.