Placing the newborn on her stomach: Why and How?

each newly made mummy pediatrician recommends necessarily spread a newborn on her stomach, but why, how and when to do it, the doctor is not always explained.Understandably, lying on his stomach, the child learns to keep his head, but in fact it is an exercise aimed at solving other problems.Let's see, what's the use of putting some of the newborn in the stomach and how to do it correctly?

Why spread the newborn on his stomach?

The first reason is obvious - the newborn baby has to learn to keep your head, but it needs to create the necessary conditions.In addition to putting some in the stomach strengthens the muscles of the neck, it contributes to the further development of the newborn - with time he learns to rely on the handle, which ensures the timely acquisition of skills such as rolling over and crawling.Therefore, putting some easy on the stomach stimulates the motor activity of the child.

no accident that even doctors sometimes called cranial bones newborn "soft", and this is another powerful argument in favor of putting some on his stomach, as if a crumb will always lie on your back, the shape of his head will not completely correct - flattened from behind.Besides, putting some on the abdomen is the prevention of colic and development of umbilical hernia.

When spread on the stomach of the newborn?

necessary to wait for some time after discharge from the hospital before the baby begins to actively spread on his stomach.This precaution is due to the fact that we have not yet passed the crumbs umbilical wound.

About a week later, when the navel newborn podzhivet, place the crumbs on his tummy for a minute or two, no more.During the day, better to repeat the exercise with some regularity.Gradually, during the child's stay in the abdomen will increase to 10 minutes or even more so if the child will be comfortable.

Do not lay the baby on your stomach immediately after feeding - in the first months of life the baby spits up on a regular basis and this posture will only contribute to this trouble.Besides pipsqueak can choke that scare you both.Suitable for putting some time - when a child is active and not hungry.Also putting some on his stomach to be a part of massages and taking air baths before each swaddling.

How to spread the newborn on his stomach?

preferred to spread the newborn on her stomach on the changing table or other hard surface is enough.On soft surfaces or carpet this exercise should not do it, because a child is uncomfortable.

If you have a home gym ball - fitball, it is also perfectly suited to sessions with newborns.Scarce can put the ball in the belly and holding the feet to roll back and forth.By the way, this exercise is also very helpful for colic, but it must be borne in mind that doing on fitball only after complete healing of the umbilical wound.In general, a variety of exercises with fitball just weight, so you have the opportunity to diversify exercises, besides it is unusual and very exciting for the kid.

If during putting some on his stomach newborn naughty, you can try different variations:

- Put the baby on her stomach, so he watched the facial expressions, listening to your voice.If it is a "naked" contact, it will be even nicer.

- Lie on your stomach with your child, or on the contrary, distracting crumbs rhymes and songs.

- Put the baby on his lap tummy and easy to massage his back.

- distract him a toy or a mirror.Kids are always interesting to consider reflected.

- Put the baby on the bed and sit in front of him, so that your heads were on the same level.This will allow him to see you, that is very important for the crumbs.

- Change the fabric on which you put your baby.Different textures and colors definitely interested in him.

Placing the child on the stomach - is a philosophy, not just charging for the neck muscles.It is important to be as knowledgeable on this issue, to understand the need for and benefits of this first exercise for a newborn.

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