How to reduce hips?

is often very large thighs deliver a lot of trouble with modern women.Indeed, all known parameters 90h60h90 still somewhat more attracted to a strong half of mankind.It is reasonable to question arises: "How to reduce hips without much harm to health?"This is what we will cover in this article.

How to reduce hips through nutrition

primarily at such a problem experts strongly recommend to reconsider their usual diet.This does not mean that it is necessary to drastically reduce caloric intake or to resort to a strict diet.In order to minimize the hips for a week, should enrich their daily diet of healthy foods, having composed a large number of nutrients.This, above all, low-fat varieties of fish, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, various cereals.On the contrary, for some time to exclude from the diet is necessary to all canned food, fast food, soft drinks, confectionery and alcohol.To maintain proper metabolism should eat often, but in small portions.

How to reduce hips through sport

First of all, experts recommend to focus on so-called aerobic exercise.Suffice it takes only one hour each day, and the results will be visible within a week.So, an excellent option is considered to be running and walking.In summer, every night about two hours you can ride a bike, and in winter - to jump on the rope (30 minutes).In addition, to achieve rapid results, we recommend a daily special set of exercises.It implies a maximum low squats, famous kicks.If you are not sure of the correct implementation of certain exercises are considered to be an excellent alternative to a class in the gym under the guidance of an experienced coach or video tutorials, which are now very much.

How to reduce hips through massage

doctors are now offering a variety of massages specifically for the thighs, which help to improve blood circulation in this zone, therefore, stimulate metabolism throughout the body.Such procedures are better pass rate.

How quickly reduce hips using wraps

wraps today are very popular with the fair half of mankind.Indeed, this method is very good.It is important to choose the correct base means.It may be a special cosmetic clay, and a variety of essential oils and algae.It is necessary to base evenly on the skin, wrap the thigh area with cling film and put on warm pants.The entire procedure usually lasts no more than 40 minutes.At this time, you can do the usual household chores or just read.Then you need to wash the mixture with water and use special moisturizer.