Can you fly in early pregnancy (2-3 weeks)?

sometimes long-planned vacation overlaps with a planned and wanted pregnancy.If there are no health problems, the new state should not interfere to fully enjoy the holiday.Pregnancy - is not a reason to give up all the pleasures of life.However, to observe some caution at this time is still necessary.

Can you fly a plane in early pregnancy?This is perhaps the most frequent question that arises in a woman learn about that soon she will be the mother.Unfortunately, to get a definite answer in this situation does not happen.There are women who have spent almost the entire pregnancy on the road and that they in no way affected - in due time babies are born healthy.

But there are, unfortunately, and those for which only the flight proved fatal.Pregnancy has been lost.Most expectant mothers planning their holidays attending antenatal clinics to get a competent answer to the question whether it is possible to fly in early pregnancy.Medical advice in such a situation are reduced to a complete denial of any travel.

If you longed for a child, and at the same time do not want to give up the rest, the best way is to listen to the opinion of experts on this issue and, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons" to decide.

Can I fly in early pregnancy (3 weeks)?

on such a small period not every woman knows about her pregnancy.Three weeks - it's just a few days delay menstruation, which, however, can occur for any reason and is not always associated with pregnancy.

Fatigue, fever, stressful situation - all of which can cause hormonal failure in the body, and along with it, and menstrual disorders.The woman, worry about whether it is possible to fly in early pregnancy (2-3 weeks) should know that the loss of a child in such a short time - a fairly common phenomenon.Many will never know that they have had a miscarriage.Menses Just a few days later than usual.

opinion of doctors

Most doctors claim that the loss of pregnancy in early pregnancy is caused by abnormalities of the fetus, and in no way related to external factors.It is believed that a miscarriage has occurred in these terms, rather good.Violently continuation of the pregnancy can lead to the birth of a disabled child.Nature thus gets rid of the obviously non-viable entities.So the answer to the question whether it is possible to fly in early pregnancy (2 weeks), unequivocally positive.The probability of an abortion on such a small duration flights do not increase.

problems of pregnant women during flights

experiences of women over the fact whether it is possible to fly in early pregnancy are associated rather with its emotional and physical condition.When thinking about the flight, many women begin to experience a sense of fear.In addition, a lot of trouble delivering dry air, variations in atmospheric pressure and forced the need to stay long hours in one position.

aerophobia pregnant woman

Despite the fact that doctors do not prohibit flights, however, the majority of women who want to have a baby, not sure whether it is possible to fly in early pregnancy.Reading magazines, visit thematic forums and ask friends who survived a similar situation, do not add clarity.After asking different people the same question (whether it is possible to fly in early pregnancy), reviews always get quite different.

If a woman is afraid of airplanes before, you need somewhere to fly, being in the family way, can turn into a nightmare for her.Sometimes it's better not to go at all, than bring themselves to panic attacks.After all, not bad, and you can relax far away from home.

If the fly is necessary, it is possible that the best solution would be a revision of the route and a trip to another form of transport does not cause pregnant panic.

pressure drop in the plane

pressure drop in the cabin can become a serious threat.Under their influence can occur placental abruption, which is extremely dangerous for both mother and child.Especially to be feared detachment, which occurred in late pregnancy.If immediate measures are not taken, then the fetus is likely to die in the womb, but doctors have to fight for the lives of women.

If a pregnant woman is suffering from hemorrhoids or varicose veins, it is about whether we can fly in early pregnancy, it is better not to ask.Hop on a plane can provoke an aggravation of these diseases.Needless to say that the rest with bad legs or exacerbation of hemorrhoids is not the most pleasant.

forced immobility during flight

Finding for a long time in the same position can have quite unpleasant consequences for the pregnant woman.And the longer the duration, the worse will be the state.In the best case will hurt the back and waist, and at worst - can form clots.In order to get rid of the pain in his stiff back, we just need to change the position and it is desirable to lie down.But it is impossible to make the airplane.

Preparing for flight

for pregnant women is extremely undesirable is in flight for more than four hours.If the time limit is not large, but the expectant mother suffers from severe toxicity, the answer to the question whether it is possible to fly in early pregnancy, is clearly negative.Spend a few hours with the package in his hands - not a pleasant prospect.Not to mention the fact that around this neighborhood are, to put it mildly, are not welcome.

If gestational age 28-36 weeks reached, most airlines will require a doctor's certificate confirming that the woman can move the flight without risk to yourself and your baby.They do not want to take responsibility for the unpleasant situation in which it may be the future mother.

ticket is better to get to the places located in the first row in economy class.In this case, no other front seats and is where to pull his stiff legs.Places should choose an aisle, if necessary, to be able to quickly get to the toilet.

If you are strapped for cash, it is best to buy tickets to a number of business-class, because there is very wide and comfortable seats and large distances between rows.It is advisable not to fly to the places located in the tail of the aircraft.The air in the passenger compartment is circulated from the nose to the tail, and at the end of the mass will accumulate harmful bacteria.

Before purchasing a ticket should be clarified whether airlines have chosen any restrictions on pregnant women.Even after attending consultations in order to find out whether you can fly a plane in early pregnancy, the doctor said was positive, it is still better to ask again to avoid unpleasant surprises.

For example, the airline "Aeroflot" permit flights at any stage of pregnancy.However, with 36 minutes a week should have a certificate from the doctor.STC "Russia" and "Transaero" prohibit flights after 36 weeks.Airline "UTair" does not allow on board their aircrafts pregnant women from the 30th week.

How to make the flight as comfortable as possible?

clothes for the trip must be made of natural materials and be as simple tailoring.If there are problems with the veins, at the time of flight is to wear special compression stockings.Shoes must be free, without laces and buckles.Ideal shoes for pregnant should be removed and dress without using their hands.During the entire trip should be as often as possible get up and flexes his feet.Into the cabin, it is desirable to take a small pillow, it is convenient to put under the back.

With a pregnant woman on the plane you need to take a first aid kit and card exchange.Fly is undoubtedly a stressful situation.However, in compliance with all security measures it is quite acceptable.