Yorkshire Terrier: the maintenance and care.

pet brings a lot of joy and pleasant moments of their owners.But it requires attention and patience.One of the most popular breeds of dogs today is considered Yorkshire terrier.


not to say that race has deep roots.It has not been many years since its inception in the north of England.Ancestors dogs wound up ordinary peasants.They were not allowed to have a large breed of the animal.Thus to know to protect themselves from possible poaching poor.Small dogs used to combat rats.

end of the 18th century was marked by the flourishing of the industrial world.People from villages and small towns flocked to the cities in search of work and a better life.With them they brought and pets.

And breeders have set a goal - to bring a new breed with high quality wool.And they succeeded.Progeny of the cancellation, with a beautiful long hair, smooth and silky.It was interesting gray with a blue tinge and gold markings.

In 1898 came the first club.Here you can learn in detail that for the breed - Yorkshire Terrier, maintenance and care which have features.

Understanding Beaver York

The increasing popularity Terriers led to the emergence of new species.One of them - Beaver york.It was taken by a genotype terrier in the eighties in Germany.The name of the dog was named after the family that for over two decades involved in breeding.It was they who brought this breed Yorkshire Terrier.Care and maintenance as a whole do not have specifics.

Here is a list of breed standards:

  • straight long hair that fell on both sides, with smooth parted in the middle;

  • small size and harmonious proportions;

  • small head, long neck with bright crested;

  • medium sized eyes for no apparent convexity;

  • erect ears triangular shape;

  • average height - 22 cm (plus / minus 5 cm);

  • weight - 2-3 kg;

  • quite varied color.

Beaver bathing and combing

wise enough and experienced dog owners are well aware that the structure of the pet hair is very different from the human.Wool may look silky and shiny, as in the photo at the top model, but it does not mean that you need to wash it expensive shampoo for humans.

Today, there are many popular brands of cosmetics for animals.They produce high-quality product.The components are selected according to the characteristics of the pet, and take into account the characteristics of the organism.Proper use of this shampoo will make your dog a compelling and attractive.

If you have decided that your vehicle will not damage pet health, remember: you can wash it in this way no more than once a month.

Yorkshire Terrier, maintenance and care that causes a lot of questions requires careful approach.So, the dog species Beaver require daily brushing.The owner should buy special combs and brush massage.These procedures are performed in order to avoid the appearance of strong tangles, because pet hair is long enough.


With this cover, the dog is an attractive view, but also requires special care.But do not rush things.Trim puppies aged less than one year should not be.During this period, the formation of body proportions and changing the structure of the pile.Hurry, you can not get a good result too, where the dog will look ridiculous and absurd.

After a year of hairstyles Yorkshire terrier, photo of which you can see, can be very diverse.

Special attention is required animal ears.First, the hair on the tips should be trimmed regularly.Secondly, the need to monitor the general condition of the ear.If there were dark discharge and odor, it's time to do cleaning.It is performed by soft cotton buds.

Treatment podlegaet as wool between the fingertips and around the legs.

Species: overview

Yorkshire Terriers are characterized by their small stature.Here are a proud and confident enough to form a square body, strong loin, ribs slightly oval.Breeders breed conditionally divided into several types:

  • micro (up to 1.5 kg);

  • mini (up to 2.5 kg);

  • standard (3 kg).

The smallest of the breed are bought as ornamental pets.

Direct smooth tail without bulges and breaks - a sign by which to distinguish what is in front of you a real Yorkshire terrier.Maintenance and care of the animals recently included and relief.Today, the practice moved.

structure of the skull can not be called convex and large.The average length of the muzzle, deep-set eyes.The ears are far apart from each other, standing.Beautiful coat with a steel shade.

Some people believe that because of the lack of undercoat dogs can live with allergies.But we must remember that cause irritation and saliva, and feces, and discharge from the genital tract.Spend a few hours with an animal - and you'll be able to understand how your body perceives it.

Terriers mini: care

most often in exhibitions and competitions taking part is a mini-Yorkshire terrier.Care and maintenance of such a pet has its own nuances.

Training takes place constantly, especially wool: regular haircut, combing, winding into small bundles of cloth or paper (curlers).But all these procedures require specialized knowledge.Therefore it recommended to specify the rules of care with a veterinarian.

Bathing twice a month, with the use of special funds for the animals.

breed characteristics - lack of undercoat - on the one hand, it makes life easier for the owner, except during molting.On the other hand, cold becomes a threat to the pet.It should be worn for winter walks.


Representatives of standard sizes - strong and durable.They have a good immune system and are not subject to frequent diseases.They lead an active life until old age, which is not the "mini."It has a Yorkshire terrier disadvantages such as:

  • weak nervous system;

  • frequent joint disease;

  • fragile skeleton.

the kids have to follow, both for your own child.Just imagine that a dog can break the tab, just jumping off the couch!

If you are interested in breeding, then mating begins no earlier than year and a half turns terrier.This is a very delicate and important moment, which is preferably carried out with the participation of experienced breeders.Gestational age 58-62 days.

Very small individual can not give birth themselves.Therefore, breeders often resort to the procedure of Caesarean section.

nails cut

Yorkshire Terrier, maintenance and care of that - rather laborious process, one can begin to knock on the floor with their claws.Noticing this, should perform trimming.Remember, when walking with the dog claws regrown appear painful.

frequent walks in the street may not always be the answer.Seam occurs only on hard surfaces, such as asphalt.But the dog can walk on the sand, grass, fallen leaves and snow.In any case it is desirable to have the tools needed in the building.

puppies nails cut conventional forceps, in adulthood kogterezki use.

checks the length of time in one and a half to two weeks.Remember that once cut the nails can not be regrown strongly.Do it slowly, to react and pushed back the blood vessels (they grow together with the claw).

Safety Guidelines

Due to its small size and weight characteristics of adults and puppies Yorkshire terrier, care and maintenance of which we have discussed briefly, requires careful attention to detail:

  • young offspring, if necessary, take the hand raiseby sliding one hand under its hind legs, and the other under his chest (it is inconceivable that the baby was taken into the stomach).

  • concern are electric, telephone cords and cables.They need to hide from the dog and securely fastened.

  • Match sulfur can cause poisoning, and themselves cause suffocation of wood, splinters can get into the mouth.If you suspect getting into the throat of a foreign body, contact your veterinarian.In no case do not give any medicines and emetics.

  • avoid mental disorders prohibited tease and scare the puppies.

Many ordinary objects in our homes can cause injury, illness and death of dogs: the skin, pointed objects, furniture, doors, shoes.To minimize hazardous incidents dog you must train and teach the discipline.

Damaging curiosity

All pets need to know the rules of behavior at home and on the street, not the exception - dog breed Yorkshire Terrier.Care and maintenance - is a manifestation of love and care, but in the absence of the owner who will look after the baby?

Terriers are very active and curious.Do not forget that their descendants were hunters of rats and instincts inherent in them have survived to this day.Dogs can chew on the wallpaper, shoes, wires and houseplants.

We'll talk about the dangers of the latter.Many home and garden flowers, shrubs, may adversely affect the animal, if it thinks of feast on foliage.To the list of hazardous include: aloe, gladiolus, iris, daffodil, rhododendron and dozens of popular plants.Poisoning can cause:

  • rash;

  • swelling of the mouth;

  • cramps;

  • diarrhea;

  • vomiting.

This is the easiest manifestation.The animal can begin hallucinations, convulsions.Many flowers affect the condition of blood vessels, heart, kidney, respiratory tract and can cause death.

Basics feeding

Here's a he gentle, Yorkshire terrier.Care and maintenance, food - all this affects the health, vigor and mood of the animal.Consider the basic details of the last paragraph.

Many of kindness treat dog "snacks" from the table without thinking how it is useful and necessary to the kid.Especially not recommended to give puppies bones.

main rule: the number of daily meals must comply with physical stress.If the dog some day move less sleeps a lot, better to reduce the dose.With increased activity - to increase.Adult specimens are fed twice a day.Put a bowl of food for 15 minutes, and even if it is not empty, clean.

water must be present constantly.

Such small "sofa" pets are prone to overeating.They, like people, can have only boredom.Therefore, we must closely monitor the weight of the dog, an excess of which leads to disease.


healthy puppies and adult look attractive, well maintained.Today, there are all kinds of haircuts Yorkshire terrier.Photo pilings and different hairstyles to help the owner to choose the right option for your pet.But all this is possible only when your pet is healthy.

purchasing a puppy, be sure to ask: whether the vaccinated mother, what vaccinations are made after birth.

Handle should be tested in a veterinary clinic, it may be advised by experienced breeders.Be sure to check the expiration date of the vaccine.

can not vaccinate pregnant women and sick animals.

Pros and cons of the breed

cheerful, quite lively, joyful and curious, these dogs (Yorkshire Terrier).Pros and cons of the breed we have described throughout this article.Let's emphasize each of them.

Positive characteristics:

  • gorgeous silky coat;

  • lack of undercoat, which excludes the molt;

  • dog active and very clean.

What is Yorkshire terrier cons?

  • breed requires regular grooming.

  • dogs can have health problems.

  • Many household items pose a danger to them.

  • Need mandatory walks.

Today we learned a lot about the breed Yorkshire Terrier.Care and maintenance, photo haircuts and appearance of the dogs - all of this information was presented in the survey.

plant pet, you should always remember that it is a living creature.It requires attention, care, and in return will give you unforgettable moments of happiness.Love and care Terrier, you will get back the same strong feelings.