Pocket money for the Child

Nowadays life is arranged in such a way that a child needs to give some money for his expenses.Getting to his private use of the money, the children learn to deal with them, to decide whether to make a particular purchase, choose something one of the proposed abundance of goods, depending on the available amount of money to save.So over time, children will learn the worth of money.

For parents, the question remains: how much money should be given to the child, to take account of their interests, but do not coddle him too much.

American psychologists advise to give money to children under the age of the child.Thus, in 7 years is necessary to issue $ 7 a week, in 12 years - to $ 12, and so on.

practice law in Germany fixed the size of money issued to the child.For non-observance of the law face a fine parents.

In Russia, state regulation does not foresee giving children pocket money, the statistics on this issue is not conducted, the recommendations and no one can give.So it all depends on the financial situation of the family, the child's maturity, common sense.

1. The financial situation of families

main problem of wealthy parents - not to give too much pocket money a child, needy - to find some money for expenses that the child did not develop an inferiority complex.

Practice shows that wealthy people usually do not give their offspring a lot of pocket money.Large sums accrue to children whose parents belong to the middle class.People whose incomes are small, the child will still need to make money, even if the amount is small.It should encourage the child that he can really achieve much in life.

2. The maturity of the child

mature child's attitude to money is that all the pocket money, which he has not wasted in vain - he puts them on something, buy something useful or investing.

3. The size of the child issued by money depends on the amounts to get his peers

Children often like to brag to their peers if their parents for pocket money emit relatively large amounts of money.And those children who give pocket money is much less, want to have the same number.In this case, parents should explain to the child that their family is now difficult financial situation.This should focus on the fact that it does not affect the financially secure life of the child in the future, when he grows up.

4. Common sense

It should be common sense to navigate, giving pocket money a child.Of course, the issue of pocket expenses preteen to 10 rubles a week is a little.But it is possible to give a little more money in a week, and if he has something you need, you can offer to make.

5. Family problems

Children from single-parent families or those families in which the parents are busy with their careers, business, and spend a little time with the child, often getting out of pocket costs substantial amounts of money.As a rule, so parents want to apologize to the children for what little time spend with them.But such an approach is unlikely to be correct.After all, children need parental attention, and not money and gifts.

amount of money issued by a child can be determined only by their parents.With the age of the child, this amount may increase depending on the needs and requirements.But to solve this issue it should be based on the life situation of the family.First of all, the money issued by the child pocket money should teach him to handle the finances, and the child will acquire the skills necessary for him to adulthood.