UAZ-315195: distinguishing features

legend of the Soviet off-road, for over 30 years collected on conveyors Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, are still popular among motorists.Model UAZ-315195, which received its name - "Hunter" is an indispensable tool where there is no normal road surface.Let's look at it in detail.

Specification UAZ-315195

model is equipped with 16-valve fuel-injected petrol engine capacity of 136.7 hpThanks to a new method of attaching the engine to the frame noticeably reduced vibration.The new 5-speed gearbox differs from the usual procedure of switching.Instead 1st gear is not 2nd and reverse.This arrangement allows you to quickly switch the speed of the car when the buildup.But the car wonderful budge and in second gear.In any case, the unusual features of switching speeds will need to get used to.

razdatki top gear is designed as a helical coupling pairs, which gives fine-grained mesh.Job transfer case is governed by a single lever.Now it is much quieter than its previous counterparts.

Chassis UAZ-315195 favorably with previous models such as the presence of one-piece bridge "Spicer".Permanent rear-wheel drive with a connected front axle provides high throughput.The ground clearance of 210 mm and 16-inch wheel size allows to ignore the low curbs.Small potholes almost "swallowed" the suspension and tires.

Changes in the design of the front suspension, allow confidence to keep the direction of movement at a speed greater than 70 km / h.The rear of the all as resting on springs that allow to carry considerable loads.


model is equipped with power steering.Despite a great relief for the driver, the work of this unit leaves much to be desired.Especially when driving at high speed constantly have to taxi, causing embarrassment and fear of the passengers sitting beside him and watching the manipulation of the driver.In fact, this technical flaw in the sensitivity of the amplifier has no significant difficulties in the management due to the fact that the Russian jeep is not fast cars, and more in line with off-road driving, where high speeds are inappropriate.There, in his element, power gets the job done at 100%.

interior and exterior

Traditional views have changed little body plastic lining and bumpers.Grille is also made of modern materials.Glass doors are deprived of mechanisms for lowering.Of course, they are not blind, and is now implemented as a sliding vent.It's very well done.When operating in the summer when you can remove the hard top car descended rattling glass in the door was a plus.Now, do not distract the driver.The upper part of the door may also be removed.Traditionally narrowed bottom left front door.But echoes of the legendary Jeep Willys, which became the prototype of the Soviet UAZ.

Saloon car has felt covering, removing a little road noise.A more modern look and dashboard, improved seats.The rear has become more difficult to remove, but they are arranged so that turn into full-fledged beds for two adults.

what a UAZ-315195 "Hunter"?

What may be up to a Russian jeep roads, not all foreign ATVs can afford.And for the money, which you can buy a brand new UAZ-315195, available only to well-used foreign-made counterparts.

why for decades the Russian jeep remains indispensable for active recreation and residents of villages and towns of our vast country.