Aircrafts USSR during World War II

Military aircraft Soviet times, particularly during and after World War II, famous for its technical potential.Our pilots flying on domestic airplanes, caused extensive damage to the fascist enemy in aerial combat.

first Soviet warplanes

Among the first interesting models can be identified W-2.The first tests of the flying boat began in 1929.Of course, this plane was not a fighter or bomber in the full sense of the word, but the practical use of it was great, because during the war was used to transport the wounded soldiers and the connection with the guerrillas.

aircraft MBR-2 was developed in 1931.Bulk supply of aircraft in the army began in 1934.What are the technical issues he possessed?These aircraft Soviet Union had the power of 450 horsepower, the maximum flight speed - 215 km / h.The average flight distance was 960 km.The maximum distance that captured the MBR-2 - is 5100 km.Used mainly in the Fleet (Pacific, the Baltic, the Amur Flotilla).Massive weapons parts fleets began in 1937.Aircraft, which were based on the Baltic front during the Second World War made about 700 sorties on German airfields that were on the occupied territory.The bombing took place mostly at night, their main feature was a surprise, therefore, to oppose anything the Germans could not.

Soviet fighters in the 1940s

Before the war, the Red Army did not have the equipment quality fighters.The main reasons that historians believe the lack of understanding of the threat of the Soviet leadership, conducting a defensive war and mass repression late 30s.The first Soviet aircraft (fighters), that could actually fight against the German machines appeared in the early 1940s.People's Commissariat of Defense has approved an order for the release of three models: the MiG-3, LaGG-3, JAK-1.New aircraft of World War II the Soviet Union (in particular MiG-3) had a great performance, but they were not very comfortable to pilot.The development and launch of mass production of a new generation of flying machines have been at a time when they were most needed armed forces - before the beginning of the aggression of Hitler against the USSR.The maximum height which was achieved MiG-3 - 12 km.I was fast enough to rise, because at 5 km altitude the plane took off for 5.3 minutes.The average optimal speed flight was about 620 km.

USSR Aircraft (bombers) and theirs role in the victory over fascism

To effectively combat the enemy was necessary to establish cooperation aviation and land army.Probably among Soviet bombers who brought the most harm Wehrmacht, is to provide Su-4 and Yak-2.Let's talk separately about each of them.

So Su-4 was equipped with two large-puletami, making it effective in air combat.The maximum range of the aircraft in its class - 1,000 kilometers, and the average speed during the flight reached 486 km, which allowed the pilot to maneuver the aircraft when necessary to save from enemy attacks.

Aircraft Soviet World War II series "Jacob" also occupies a significant place in the list of the bombers, who used the army.Yak-2 was one of the first twin-engine military aircraft.The capacity of each of the engines of 750 hpThe flight range of the aircraft with two engines was certainly a lot more single-engine counterparts (1,300 km).Aircraft of the Second World War, the Soviet Union range Yak had excellent performance in speed, as well as time set certain heights.Equipped with two machine guns, one of which was statsionanym, located on the nose of the fuselage.The second gun had to ensure the safety of the airplane on the sides and rear, so it was at the disposal of the second navigator.

Soviet pilots and planes during the Second World War

All the achievements of Soviet aviation air battlefields with fascists provides not only good results of engineering solutions and high professionalism of our pilots.As is known, the number of Heroes of the USSR - pilots no less than the tank or infantry.Some aces got this title three times (for example, Ivan Kozhedub).

necessary to pay tribute and test pilot.Military aircraft of the USSR before the act by the army, are always tested to landfills.It testers, risking his own life, we check the reliability of the newly created technology.