The adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism" in which he held?

The new Constitution of the USSR, it was noted that "the dictatorship of the proletariat" has completely fulfilled the tasks that were assigned to it and the Soviet Union became a nation-wide state.In addition, the document was secured system of controls already established at that time.The supreme authority of the Supreme Council considered.It consisted of two chambers: the Council of Nationalities and the Council of the Union.His term was extended to five years.

About what year was the adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism", the preconditions that contributed to its occurrence, and changes in it, read this article.

Soviet constitutionalism

study of the history of the Basic Law of the USSR is of great political, social and economic, scientific and cultural significance.One of the central aspects of Russian statehood is the adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism".Year 1977 was an important step in the further development of the country.

In the history of the Soviet state was only 4 of the Constitution: 1918, 1924, 1936 and 1977.They had different periods of validity, indicating that some of the changes taking place in society.Moreover, they displayed the appearance of new or enhanced old concepts.Also, each new basic law of the country summed up the previous action, after which the government opened the next stage of its development.

main reason

Development of the new document and the subsequent adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism" is associated with a significant change in the political regime in the USSR.Despite the fact that the social system was still strictly organized and managed by representatives of the only existing party in the country, the government was freed from the cult of autocracy, who brought in his time Stalin.

tyranny and lawlessness, and boundless fear prevailed in the era of totalitarian rule of one person - it was publicly condemned by the ruling Communist Party.When the steps taken towards the recognition of mistakes and excesses, to convince the public of the impossibility of the return of the former regime, the question of what development and subsequent adoption of the USSR Constitution, "developed socialism" are essential.

formation of a special commission

was decided to proceed with the first phase of the new version of the basic law.First of all, we created a special Constitutional Commission.Its formation was preceded by a report of the Secretary of the CPSU Khrushchev at a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 25 April 1962 On the same day there was a meeting at which the committee and approved.From that moment began a direct further development and adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism" (project manager - Khrushchev).

When Brezhnev took the post of first secretary, he automatically took over as chairman of the Constitutional Commission.I must say that its composition was changed several times, but the principle is the formation remained the same - there were the first persons of the state and party leadership, representatives of the union and autonomous republics, territories and regions, as well as delegates from the workers and peasants, scientists, and so on. D.

Development Project

At the initial stage of writing was a question of how well is currently the Soviet society and where it will go in the future.Position based on the "dictatorship of the proletariat" was irrelevant because "class struggle" as such was not.

In order to move away from the old ideology and build a completely new society took time.Before there was the theory of "developed socialism", it took almost 15 years.But as soon as it formed the basis, the writing of the draft Constitution was to move much faster.


From the moment when the Constitution was adopted in 1936, and prior to the approval of the new document has been four decades.During this time in the Soviet Union there have been a number of significant changes, one way or another affected all aspects of social life.

former Constitution, adopted in 1936, came from the fact that the establishment of the basic principles of socialism ended.Now it was positioned that the Soviet Union has built a mature and developed society, with the result that there was a different community of people called the Soviet people.

states that emerged on the basis of the "dictatorship of the proletariat", has now become a nation-wide, and the economy has completely passed into socialist property.The Communist Party has expanded its ranks, and its role in the government became more responsible.

Socialism has been put on a par with other global systems, and the international influence and prestige of the Soviet Union increased by several times.All these prerequisites were talking about the fact that the development and adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism" were inevitable.


draft of the new basic law was published in the beginning of June 1977, not only in the central, but also in the national, regional and provincial newspapers.He was actively discussed for four months - from June 5 to the end of September.According to official data, during the discussion of the new project was attended by more than 140 million people.That is about four-fifths of the adult population of the Soviet Union.Public discussion on the subject has made it possible to make about 450 thousand. Proposals for amendments, which were designed to clarify, supplement or improve the articles of the draft.

main aspects of internal and external policy

main direction of development of the Soviet state and the legal system proclaimed the improvement and strengthening of socialist democracy.This should have been facilitated by the adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism".When someone such an idea could be implemented?Of course, under Stalin, this is not out of the question.Since its individual board power in the country has changed dramatically.

Also in the new basic law consolidated the social foundation of the Soviet state - a strong alliance of workers and peasants and intellectuals.He meant to achieve certain social homogeneity of society, and equal opportunities for the full development of each person.

With regard to foreign policy, the Constitution clearly sets out the basic provisions for the establishment of peace, international cooperation and security of all peoples without exception.Also proclaimed and progressive principles of good neighborly relations between the Soviet Union and other countries.An integral part of the world socialist system is the community of nations with the same policy as that of the USSR.


adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism" should contribute to a significant rise in both cultural and material standard of living of the Soviet people.To this end, we developed a special science-based and long-term economic strategy.The main role in it played by the Soviet state.It was to provide the organization of production, favorable conditions for the establishment of a modern material and technical base and to develop regulations that would regulate economic relations.Developers

new basic law proceeded from the fact that the adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism" even better consolidate the already historically powerful, unified and successful functioning mechanism of the economy.This document is the first time in recorded history at the legislative level, a special economic system of the USSR.

Forms of ownership

adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism" and the date of approval of which was a matter of time, based on the economic system put socialist ownership of the means of production, delivshuyusya into two forms.One of them was the whole people of the state, and the other - co-operative.However, there was another kind of socialist property - a property of trade unions and other social organizations.But only the first two forms determined the nature of the economy and the division of society into representatives of friendly classes - the workers and peasants.Thus the main task of the state, enshrined in the new Constitution, is the protection of socialist property.

Soviet economic system is provided and the right to private property.Its source was a socially useful work.The 1977 Constitution laid the basic provisions of the legal status of any and all forms of property with their subjects.

Rights and obligations

new basic law guarantees social justice citizens of the USSR.The Constitution enshrines the right to work, recreation, education, financial compensation in case of death or disability.It was said in the document and on the freedom of speech and the press, demonstrations and marches, rallies and meetings, and so on. D.

the responsibility of the Soviet people were instructed to observe the laws of the USSR, to be worthy of the title of citizen of the USSR, and in good faith to work and be disciplined at work,safeguard the interests of the state and in every possible way to strengthen his authority and power, and others.

dealt with separately, and the sacred duty of every Soviet man - defense of the socialist fatherland.Treason - is a grave crime against their own people.Honorable duty of Soviet citizens was military service in the Armed Forces of the country.

adoption of the Constitution

At the extraordinary session of the Supreme Council of October 4 was created Drafting Committee, which is responsible for the preparation of the final draft of the basic law.Also discussed at the meeting and adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism."Brezhnev made a presentation on the results of the development of the project and its popular approval.On this occasion, 92 acted as deputy.In the end, we decided to make a change on eight counts, as well as add a new article.

Three days later, the vote was held deputy and then the adoption of the Constitution of "developed socialism."Date October 7, 1977 was declared a national holiday.