Firefox Safe Mode startup

New in 2013, the year of terrific Sberbank of Russia moved to the online service through the system, ie,Web site.It clients can perform quite a few different basic functions, such as viewing their accounts, work with financial documents and so on.

Sure, this innovation has many advantages, but it has its drawbacks.One of them is the fact that such a system is not always able to install the driver for USB key.To continue normal work needed to install pre-downloading the correct driver from the official website of Windows.It can also generate an error indication after Internet Explorer print important document of payment.

Therefore, representatives of the bank came up out: use the Firefox browser version 3 and above, which has a safe mode.Currently, programmers are already working at the 23th version, so there should be no difficulty.But the problem is that after installing Mozilla simply can not run in Windows XP.That is, if you click twice on the icon in the Task Manager process will be visible, but no application to extradite the remaining actions will be.

solution may be to disable all extensions that interfere with the normal operation of the browser Firefox.Safe Mode is to run applications that previously have to remove from the list of running processes in Task Manager.

need to go to the main menu, and from it - the directory «Mozilla Firefox» and select the special item Firefox Safe Mode.In the absence of an indication of the selected folder "Run" from the main menu and insert the command «" C: \ Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.exe "-safe-mode».Thereafter, the user enters the safe mode.

When using safe mode to process the browser uses the default theme, and disables the use of extensions.You can also self-abandon additions subparagraph "Tools", where in a separate window, you can remove the check mark, or vice versa - to put in problem areas.Leaving only the most necessary, the browser will be better to work as normal.

Safe Mode is not always required, it is enough to just create a new profile to get rid of problems in hovering, long download web pages and other.To use this feature, you have to add to the standard console command -p.In the Select the user presses the "Create" and is given a specific name.

only in extreme cases, even when safe mode does not solve the problem, the browser completely reinstalled or replaced later.Mozilla can stop working for various reasons.For example, if the destructive actions of viruses, harmful work extra plugins, due to problems of incompatibility with the system and so on.

Another way to start Safe Mode shortcut can be setup run.To do this, go to its properties and to add safe-mode command to the executable file.After starting Firefox there is an additional window where the user agrees to the proposed regime or leaves.

Today, Mozilla Firefox is one of the most common and stable operating software in the world, so do not abandon it if there are any glitches.