Manual assembly code, installing tar.gz

Quite often on the internet can not find ready-made installation deb-packages, and may be missing the required version of the standard repositories distributions on Linux.Therefore it is necessary to resort to building an application from source code.Apply the latest in special archive format tar.gz or tar.bz2.

Go to the folder containing the required archive

Such tar.gz installation runs using the command «checkinstall».First, you need to collect from the code installation deb-package.So, if there is no core team, you need to register in the terminal: «sudo apt-get install checkinstall».Then you need to go into the folder where the desired file, command «cd direktoriya_iskhodnogo_koda_programmy."

In this scenario, the installation of tar.gz, so it is necessary to unzip command «tar -zxf imyaprogrammy.tar.gz» or «tar -jxf imyaprogrammy.bz2", respectively.

To achieve the desired result can also retrieve files archive manager.It should be noted that for more convenient work on the command line have invented a remarkable press TAB, which allows you to automatically supplement the complicated names of folders, files or archives.It is sufficient to enter only the first letters of the name.

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configuration software source code under its distribution

In simple terms, the installation tar.gz necessarily imply a configuration that is setup file with your text for a specific operating system.After such action creates a file that describes the configuration of the system.For such purposes the team invented «./configure».The OS then does not change, so the team is completely safe and will not harm the stability of the system.

also the author of the application may wish to supplement the installation keys, so to show the necessary instructions from the creator can dial «./configure -help» or open the readme file or install, install tar.gz archives all this involves.This stage is the most difficult, because for the proper completion of the need to install any additional dependent packages.Therefore, if the installation configuration stopped in the middle of the process, you need to add in the necessary packages.In this case, the terminal shall include all relevant names of libraries and packages.So, well understood, you can easily navigate in such installations.

Build deb-packages

previously agreed program "checkinstall" is just designed to create and install the necessary packages for various distributions, for example, deb-packages, which are widely used in such OS as ubuntu.

tar.gz installation reduces ultimately it is this.To specify the exact type of assembly is added to the key "-D".That is the whole team looks like: «sudo checkinstall -D».All further operations on the installation and location of the program will take place in the same folder.To remove a program, you can use standard tools such as Aptitude remove, Aptitude purge, Synaptic.Attaching tar.gz described is not the only method but it may be most preferred for many users.Nevertheless, one must be very cautious and careful, because everywhere there are pitfalls.