The child has a sore ear.

As you know, the pain in the ears do not just appear.This may be due to exposure to a foreign body or water in the ear canal.But most of the pain in the ears may indicate a serious inflammatory disease.That is why, if you are in doubt about something, it is best to consult a doctor.Because this body to be trifled with, because it is near the brain.Remember, if time does not start proper treatment, the disease can result in a complete ear hearing loss.This in itself does not pass!The child has a sore ear?What to do if you are faced with this the first time?Answers to these and other questions you can find in this article.

The child has a sore ear.What to do?

First and foremost, of course, you must see this.After all, a baby can not tell the truth.To do this, gently press down on the tragus (a small bump, it is near the lobe).If your child has a sore ear, pressing on it it will be even harder, and he burst into tears.There is one more sign of malaise.Kid constantly pulls the ear or just hold on to it.Even if at least one of these symptoms consult a doctor.

first aid?

There are situations that the pain started abruptly in the night, respectively, to the hospital no one will go and wait for the morning in pain, too, is not the case.So, a child's ear hurts, what to do to alleviate the condition for a while?Make a hot compress, but before it is required to make sure that the baby is not high temperature and discharge from it.In these cases, warm in any case it is impossible!Compress is very simple.To do this, make a solution of vodka + water in a ratio of 1/1, moisten it with a bandage or cotton wool.Lubricate the ear with Vaseline or baby cream.You can now apply the compress (the entrance to the ear canal to be opened), and then a special piece of paper or plastic bag, cotton and shook his head warm scarf.Keeping up until no longer feel the heat, usually it takes no more than 2-3 hours.As for the high temperature, when it can be put into the ear of cotton wool soaked in boric acid.It will become a little easier.

What if a child's earache?

Komorowski advises primarily be sure to call the doctor and drip into the nose vasoconstrictor drugs, because they can reduce the swelling of the eustachian tube and relieve pain.And if in inflammatory diseases of the nose, they are contraindicated, then the ear just needed!


Any disease can be prevented, you just follow some rules.If the baby had a cold and had a runny nose, try to avoid stagnation of the contents of the nose, just try to clean it, so you prevent the development of otitis media.Do not abuse antibiotics.While bathing, make sure that no water gets into your ears, or it can also trigger pain.But if all the same it is stiff, dry the ear canal with a cotton swab.Do not remove ear wax too often, because it just creates a protective barrier against bacteria and infections.Do not get carried away with self-treatment, only a doctor can prescribe the necessary drugs.


Of course, it is better not to face such unpleasant problem.But now, if the child has a sore ear, what to do in this case, you know.Health to you and your baby!