How to turn the screen with the video card driver

question of how to rotate the screen, usually occurs in the following cases: need to work with large text document;elaboration of the design documentation in bulk;Random people turned the image on the monitor, and does not know how to get it back to its normal position.

Until recently, such an option has been very important and allows some narrow specialists significantly improve the productivity of their labor.Now the situation has changed since the diagonal monitors have grown, and have no special meaning in their turn.Yet such a possibility no one cut off, to know how to adjust your monitor for themselves properly, in such a situation, it is still important.This article will look at how to turn the screen on an example graphics accelerator HD Graphics 3600 model is powered by Intel.


This graphics card refers to the initial class of devices.For serious applications, it will not go (for example, toys or demanding graphics package Photoshop).But for office work such an integrated solution is very justified.For word processing, spreadsheet, undemanding toys, unpretentious graphic editors of his performance is enough.Since the graphics accelerator designed to work with the text, the opportunity, how to turn the screen, it is implemented.Moreover, unlike the company's products, "AMD", there are several possible ways of its implementation - from the control panel and graphics using special key combinations.The second option works only on products from Intel.


most simple to perform such an operation by special key combinations.In this case, you should immediately hold «Ctrl» + «Alt» and hold them with the corresponding arrow key.For example, if you want to deploy the screen upside down, then you need to press the down arrow.For general orientation, along with the previously given a combination you must press the up arrow.To turn to the left use the left and right - the right arrow.If during operation you have unfolded the screen, then maybe you accidentally press the hotkey combination that is shown earlier.To solve such a problem, how to turn the screen to its normal position, simply press «Ctrl» + «Alt» and hold them, press the up arrow.


A similar option is provided in the control panel graphics.Her label is located on the taskbar at the bottom left next to the clock.It looks as a blue screen with white inserts in the middle and a black frame around the edges.To access the panel should be on this label, double-click the left mouse button.In the list, select the item "Characteristic curves".Further, the right side of the panel is "Display", and it "Basic liqueur."In the right column of the screen will open, which will present the item "Rotate".On the contrary, you can change the angle of rotation in increments of 90 degrees.The result of this menu is equivalent to pressing the keys, but it does have one drawback - it is much harder to do with the mouse, when he turned the screen on a laptop or PC.It is therefore easier for this purpose to use a keyboard.


In addition the company's products from Intel, this segment has a solution under the brand names "AMD" and NVidia.The keyboard does not each of them can work.But the way how to rotate the screen, using the control panel graphics card is universal and applicable to any video card.The only condition - is that the panel has to be installed.The screen for the computer - an indispensable element, without the user experience is simply impossible.We hope that now you have the answer to the question that you are interested in.