Flew activation of Windows 7 - what to do?

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Quite often there is such an unpleasant situation: the activation fell off Windows 7. And this problem is for the licensed products and to piracy.Depending on which version of the system software you have installed, you need to choose the appropriate way out of the situation.If you are lucky enough to own a licensed product - you can go directly to Microsoft.But with pirated software is much more complicated and may even need to reinstall it.

If you're buying a PC bundled with him were able to buy Windows 7 (Ultimate or Professional, for example), then it should be a sticker with the key operating systems.When a fault message is enough to enter the activation key again, and the problem should disappear.If the result is not obtained and the message that came off the activation of Windows 7 continues to appear periodically, counted the days until the end of the trial period of work - it makes sense to apply to the authorized service.Usually two services.The first - from the manufacturer of the system unit, the second - the developer of the system software (ie very Microsoft).It is better to call or write immediately to both the organization and try to get practical advice on restoration license.

Owners pirated version of the operating system is much more common with the situation when the activation fell off Windows 7. Most often, this problem occurs when you install the OS update called KB971033.Way out of this situation somewhat.The easiest - disable scheduled update.But this solution is not ideal: your PC is vulnerable to hackers and, if desired, can harm him.In the second case, you can immediately download the update, and only then perform the activation with the program.

dwell separately on the procedure of selection of special recovery tools.If you see that you flew to activate Windows 7, you need to enter a string search query: "Activator Windows 7".Select is selected in the list that appears most appropriate, in your opinion, the product.Before downloading you need to see the reviews and make sure that this program is operational.If there are negative opinions about it, it is best to continue the search.And only after the product is found with a lot of positive feedback, it can be downloaded.Also included with the program of instruction is a description of the actions that will help restore the legalization of the operating system.

Activation for Windows 7 allows you to use all the features of the product in its entirety.Of course, it is possible for a while to work and without this procedure, but the regular reports that the OS is not verified for authenticity, a black desktop background will be, at least, annoying.Therefore, in the event of such a situation, it is better to immediately solve and fix the problem.

In the light of market situation, it is advisable to buy only licensed version.Otherwise you can get into trouble when you will be interested and appropriate services confiscate all your computer equipment.And that could freeze work for a long time and is associated with the possible loss of information (as a minimum).