Need autotechnical examination?

Traffic accident - in itself an unpleasant event.It causes stress, accompanied by feelings.In addition, after the accident there is a lot of problems.One of them - hold Examination.It is obligatory, because it allows to fully appreciate the damage that was caused to the car owner as a result of the accident.Moreover, the driver would be desirable that the inspection was carried out by independent experts.For car owners, it is important that professionals have produced a professional analysis of the real situation, which resulted in his car property was ruined.This will help to achieve justice in dealing with the insurance company.

Qualified employees are ready to render assistance to the Alliance for Legal Support policyholders.It is clear that not all drivers have the necessary legal knowledge required to assert their own rights and interests.Legislative and regulatory framework so extensive that full information speak only lawyers who specialize in specific issues.

What is the Independent Examination?

term "independent examination" speaks for itself: it will show the real picture of the accident.There are situations where employees of traffic police do not properly detect the braking distance, incorrectly assessed the damage caused by transport.It happens so that the result of the examination carried out by incompetent officers guilty recognize the person who was actually injured.

independent examination is carried out as follows:

  • set the date for determining the place where it is held;

  • ensures the legality of all procedures;

  • promptly notified all concerned, including representatives of the insurance companies and the participants of the accident;

  • carried out a full, comprehensive inspection of the technical condition of the car, which has suffered in the accident;

  • compiled expert conclusion.

After quality independent expertise at the motorist is much more likely to get from the insurance is the amount of money which it is put.It is necessary to remember, because on the road anything can happen.Statistics of traffic accidents strikes in Moscow only 24 hours there are about 1,000 accidents.Drivers are helpful to know that they can count on the help of the Alliance, if unwittingly become participants of the accident.Promoting qualified they provided!