Tractor T-74: features and Environmental Specifications

T-74 - Soviet period crawler tractor belonging to the class of traction (three tons).He produced in 1962 - 1983 years in the Kharkiv Tractor Plant.It was created in the process of modernization of the tractor T-54 and T-75.

Applications and the main parameters

Areas of use of the tractor:

  • agricultural activities;
  • transport operations (transport of various cargo in the trailer, load capacity - no more than two tons);
  • utilities;
  • industrial production;
  • under construction.

Regions use - only with a temperate climate.

main dimensions model T-74:

  • length - 4225 mm;
  • width - 1845 mm;
  • height - 2325 mm.

total weight (in tonnes) - 5.91.The cabin is located at the rear of the tractor and the engine - in front.

Tractor T-74: Specifications

• The engine in the tractor - brand SMD-14A.
• Power (kW) is 75 horsepower.
• Transmission - manual.
• On-board brakes.
• Hydraulic tractor: hydraulic jack (rear linkage), hydraulic pump, valves.
• Electrical equipment: generator and lights.

Tractor T-74 was carried out from April 1962 to November 1983.And during this period it was issued 880,792 shares.Next followed a model - T-150.

tractor T-74 in appearance and structure was similar to aggregates marks DT-54 and T-75.In this case, the skeleton - a channel section frame, which, as mentioned above, the engine is located in the front and rear - cabin.The powertrain includes: clutch, driveshaft, transmission, steering gear, the final rate.

Internal elements

Engine brand SMD-14 A four cylinder inline diesel engine with swirl combustion chamber.Air cleaner cyclone.Otsosnaya tube goes into the exhaust area of ​​the engine in the process of dilution, which is created in the exhaust gases otsosnoy design.Dust that collects in the hopper passes through a special process, and it takes gas.The lubrication system includes an oil cooler, which is disconnected from the general system in the winter in the cold due to reinstall switch.

engine is started at a low temperature in the reservoir due to the suction type preheater.Trigger - Gasoline PD-10M-2 - a single-stage gearbox.Element double-disc clutch.Foot drive off.The engine is equipped with a manual six-speed gearbox, control is by means of two levers.The first group: working, increased neutral.The second lever 3 forward speed reverse.There is also a neutral mode.

Device features

Before disconnecting the clutch first need to enable the transfer, and then - of their group.Device locking mechanism does not allow the work process of moving gears CPR until when it's completely off the clutch and stop the input shaft.

Tractor T-74 has the following construction of the frame: two longitudinal sill interconnected cast piece front bar, in the middle - with two transverse, and the rear axle is available.Balance-suspension.Attachments, separately-cylinder hydraulic system, rear hitch, PTO.Distributor (hydraulics) - trёhzolotnikovy.

cabin is completely closed and well heated.Seat for two seats with upholstered headboard.Right windshield wiper has a manual.The movement of warm air passes through a special device - the casing, and in its interior has an adjustable flap.It noted an increased level of visibility.Observing safety.There is ventilation.

control mechanisms on the tractor

Diesel turns are regulated by the arm.Turns tractor T-74 is carried out using one of the two levers and brake pedal due to the existing crawler mechanism.The process shift is possible only with the complete exclusion of the clutch.The main operating transmission: second - fourth.Fifth and sixth are used to work with a special machine and transit cargo.

first gear can be used in one case: when addressing short-term high resistance.The whole mechanism is operated at a constant electrical current flow (rated voltage when it should be 12).The electrical equipment includes: a generator (power - 180 W), switch controller, a battery, a starter for starting the engine, the sound signal, ammeter, lights (four pieces), the lamp illumination of the instrument panel (two units), the ceiling for lighting in the cabin, cockpitfan motor.While working with various hinged elements when the speed necessary to beep and then start moving without jerks, smoothly.Moving through the mounds, ditches and other obstacles, use low speed, avoiding banks and rocking.

Here we describe a tractor T-74, a photo of which are shown in the article.