Breast Pump - feedback and recommendations

Breastfeeding - a process responsible, but sometimes there are difficulties there.In such cases, breast rescue.Reviews of these devices quite different directions, so try to find out what is special about them.

Features selection

Expressing - a process that should learn that in breast milk does not stagnate, and the child was fed at the same time.Breast Pump is capable of becoming the chief assistant women to maintain lactation.To select the right model, you need to take into account its capabilities, specifications and reviews from moms who have already used it.Today, many consultants, who are for breastfeeding, they say that the baby should be fed on demand and do not decant.

But many moms have problems feeding from the irregular shape of the breast or the inability to properly give to her child.As a consequence, it is possible stagnation of milk, there lactostasis, and even worse - mastitis.To avoid this, after all, is to have the house just in case the breast.Reviews say that if handled adroitly, can be a long time to feed the baby expressed breast milk.

When and why?

express breast milk is necessary in a few cases:

  1. In the period after the birth, when the transformation of colostrum milk.In the early days after birth milk accumulates more than necessary infants, so it is necessary to decant.
  2. If you want to keep the milk supply for a long time.Regularly expressing milk, you can increase the period of feeding the baby and feed it, even where there is no opportunity to feed the breast.
  3. When lactostasis.If there is a blockage of the breast, this will lead to stagnation of the milk.This in turn will cause the development of mastitis.In such cases, you should definitely buy a breast pump reviews about which among mothers generally good.

Types and features of the

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of breast pumps.They have the same principle: a special nozzle is placed on the nipple with the areola.Mechanical or electrical part contributes to the creation of the vacuum, so that breast milk is released.Models of different producers of different specifications, and many mothers are faced with the problem of how to buy a breast pump, which one is better.Reviews mechanical or electronic versions differ primarily price category: the first less, second - more expensive.

Mechanical model: choose the best

Manual breast pump (or mechanical) - a simple device that allows convenient express milk.In maternity wards, such models are not used, but the house is quite possible to buy it.Mechanical devices are available in several variations:

  1. piston breast pump is easy handling, quiet operation.Acquisition requires a breast pump bottle and silicone cap mimics the natural process of breastfeeding.Such a manual breast pump has received good reviews due to the mechanism of adjustment of force of pumping that allows mums to put the optimum intensity of the impact.Devices are easy to sterilize, and its elements are reliable.The most popular among buyers of models are instruments brands Avent, Chicco, Medela.
  2. syringe device comprises two cylinders arranged one in the other.The inner cylinder is required to impose on the nipple and external perform movements back and forth.Such movement creates a vacuum, which is due out from the breast milk.Virtually all modern breast pumps of this type are equipped with a pressure regulator - it allows you to select a specific mode of pumping.The most well-known manufacturers of such devices are Chicco and Nuk.
  3. pomp mechanical breast pump has received good reviews because of usability.By design it is an attachment to the breast and the pump element in the configuration has a bottle.Modern moms prefer brands of devices such as the "winged samaras», Canpol, Tommee tippee, «World of childhood», AventIsis.
  4. Pear breast at least easy to use.The design consists of a nozzle on the chest in the form of a plastic cone and rubber bulb.A special valve regulates the discharge pressure.Among such models attracted the attention of products and brands Chicco Canpol.

Conclusions on mechanical models

Any mom knows that breast rastsedit help breast.Which is better?Reviews say that the manual models - is a great choice if you want to save.They were easy to care for, the process of pumping simple, besides the use of such devices can be anywhere without being tied to an electrical network.On the other hand, these breast pumps do not have a high pumping efficiency can lead to cracking, in addition to the need to adapt them.

breast pump: which one is better?Reviews

mechanical or electronic devices received different and in large quantities.Electric ideal for you to use every day.Current models are available both on batteries and accumulators and on the network.

A pumping occurs automatically: the motor heats vacuum.The review noted that in spite of high performance and ease of use, they are very noisy when operating.More versatile models on the batteries as possible to express even a walk.On the other hand, they are not very effective.


electric breast pump reviews received in a large quantity.When choosing a model, pay attention to its packaging.Each unit is complemented by a special bottle, but most models are equipped with a regulator of the intensity of pumping, the control unit with a display that displays the features of the process of pumping.In addition, some models are able to express both breasts at the same time, which is very convenient and efficient.Among the popular brands are devices Nuk, «Medela», Tommee Tippee.

Browse popular models: manual

modern mom may encounter some problems when choosing a breast pump.Which is better?Reviews "Avent" or "Medela" is isolated in the first place, since it is these manufacturers offer a wide range of devices.We begin with a review of brand products Avent:

  • Philips Avent.This model is available in three series, each of which has its own characteristics.So, Comfort supplemented trial set day and night Pads.It features lightweight and compact device.
  • Natural additionally has a road container nipple is equipped with a mechanism that stores the pumping mode.
  • ISIS complemented adapters cups, also has containers in which to store the milk.The cost of all the models ranges from 3,200 rubles.up to 3800 rubles.

Manual breast pump "Avent" received good reviews by equipping, however, to adapt himself to it, celebrate moms need time.

Now consider a manual breast pump brand Medela Harmony.He is the only one in the world is working on a two-phase pumping system manually.The uniqueness of this device is that it mimics the natural process of suckling baby, so pumping is fast and comfortable.Medela breast pump has received good reviews and because affordable price: you can buy at a price in the range of 2000 rubles.The distinctive features of this model include:

1. two-phase pumping technology.

2. Ergonomic handle.

3. A small number of elements, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the device.

Another interesting model from Medela - Breast Symphony, which allows you to conveniently express breast milk due to the fact that there is a special area comfortable flow.It can be used to express one or two breasts simultaneously, and special protection from the bay lets you do it safely and cleanly.

Canpol Babies

This is another good breast pump.Reviews say that the model makes it easy to cope with pumping milk.This manual model is recommended by experts in the overabundance of milk from the mother, as well as to prevent possible lactostasis and mastitis.Pumping is performed by the blower, and a breast pump is compatible with all standard baby bottles of all brands.Mom, who used this device, note the simplicity of its use.

Choosing an electric breast pump.Which is better?(reviews)

"Avent" or "Medela"?Probably, this is the first question that comes to mind modern moms.Consider the popular models of these brands, so you can create an overall impression of them.Medela Swing Breast Pump is the latest model in a line of electrical, created by the two-phase pumping technology.This stylish device is attracting attention not only an interesting design and small size, and ease of use.

Use it constantly decant, and this process will not deliver discomfort.The distinctive features of the model include:

  1. innovative technologies at the heart of the two-phase pumping.
  2. Lightweight.This option for many women plays an important role when they choose a breast pump.Which is better?Reviews agree that the best model - the compact and small in weight, which can take on the road.
  3. comfortable use by a soft silicone funnel.
  4. Easy maintenance: all the details are taken, and are easy to clean.
  5. effective stimulation of breast and areola.

Another popular model - Freestyle by Medela.This is an electrical device that is different integrated solutions and the possibility of double pumping.Practical and versatile, it allows you to decant even on the move.By itself, it is the smallest electronic breast pump.Reviews say that its battery is able to work about three hours without recharging, and all the equipment for the storage and transport of human milk are included.Price range electric models Medela averages 8000 p.

Electric breast pumps Avent

This brand is better known buyers.The most popular model - PHILIPS AVENT Series Natural.Express milk it can be used in any position, as the milk flow is stimulated by soft massage showerheads.Breast Pump "Avent" received the following reviews:

  1. easy to use.
  2. There delicate mode of stimulation, as well as three options for setting pumping.
  3. device allows to express milk at the same time to feed the baby from a bottle.Due to the mild
  4. Flap massage device simulates the process of sucking baby.

With excellent performance properties model surpasses the cost - about 9500 rubles is the breast "Avent".Reviews of buyers say that for the money you get a full device that allows convenient express milk.


Breastfeeding - a process that should be fun, not only the baby, but also the mother.If it is necessary to decant the milk, such as the need to maintain or lactostasis milk used breast pump.Which is better?Reviews "Avent" was good, but no less noteworthy products of other brands.