The just-suffering Job: who he is and what he is famous for?

mention of martyrs is different biblical stories.For example, the stories of the righteous can be found in the Epistle of St. James.But the more complete information contained in the Bible book of Job.

Life martyr

entire fate of our character describes the Old Testament.The book says that this was a man who turns away from evil, righteous, blameless and God-fearing.He had a wife, three daughters and seven sons.The long-suffering Job had wealth and happy family.On such a success he turned his attention to Satan.He urged God in Job's piety untrue, saying that if he did not have such a family and wealth, it would not be so immaculate.If you select this earthly happiness, you will see the true nature of this man.God decided to give Satan the opportunity to test this different trials and temptations.He wanted to ensure the purity and sinlessness of Job.As agreed at the same time Satan has selected children and then wealth.Seeing that the people remained faithful to God and steadfast, he added, it is still more suffering in a terrible leprosy that covered his entire body.The long-suffering Job became an outcast.This caused him to leave the city, I had to constantly scrape neschasnomu shard scabs all over the body, staying in the mud and muck.Seeing suffering husband, wife argued that it is necessary to stop believing in God, and renounce it.Then, as a punishment, Job died.In response to the just he said that when God gives us happiness in our lives comes joy.We accept this gift, but just have to take us and send us to disaster.The long-suffering Job patiently endured all the bad weather, continuing with the same force and continue to believe in God.At the same time he did not allow evil thoughts or reproach toward his creator.We had a lot of friends of Job, who learned about his agony at first silently sympathized with the poor fellow.But then they came and began to look for excuses such grief in his past.They believed that a person should suffer for previous sins.We began to start talking about his guilty before God, and that now he has to repent for the committed offenses.After all, nothing goes unpunished.But Saint-suffering Job was clean before God, even surviving such flour is not uttered a single word of grumbling in his direction.He tried to explain to friends that he has no sin and suffering are suffering because of their Lord, unattainable for human reason, one gives good fortune, while others - test.Convince them and failed.In response, they said that Job is his punishment undeserved as yourself trying to justify and prove his innocence.After this conversation the righteous prayer asked God for proof of his innocence to friends believed him.Soon the Lord in the form of rapid vortex appeared before him.God pointed to his requests as impudent and arrogant, because Job claimed the report.Lord said that for people to have a lot of incomprehensible-creation, creation of all life, and the desire to know the real reasons why some live happily, and others - in pain, to know the mystery of fate prederzostno, is simply not given to the common man.

Healing martyr

long-suffering Job began to recover and acquire even more wealth.After all the anguish experienced by the Lord blessed him, giving back three daughters and seven sons.Job saw four generations of his offspring to live another 140 years (in the Old Testament it says that in total he lived 248 years).This example taught friends to fear only the sword of the Lord, and the deprivation of earthly goods and physical torments can endure.

Western philosophy

Soren Kierkegaard was a Christian thinker and expressed his belief that the actions of Job much more wisdom than all the writings of Hegel.He compared the knowledge of a martyr of God's thoughts with the construction of many of the great philosophers.In particular, and Socrates, who was genuinely convinced in the power of the human mind.Contemporary philosophers such as Lev Shestov, the story of Job is interpreted in terms of irrationalism.

sacred book of Muslims

Qur'an describes Job as a prophet Ayub - persecuted and dejected.It is believed that long-suffering righteous Job was the progenitor of the ancient Romans.On the territory of the states, which are the main religion is Islam, there were many cities in which supposedly the tomb of Job.This Salalah in Oman, Syria Deir Ayyub, a village near the city of Ramla, the mausoleum in Bukhara Chashma Ayub, Turkey - the former Edessa.

Russian contemporary philosophy

political and religious philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev believes that such an example of a martyr dismisses the notion of the Jews that the behavior of saintly persons to be awarded during his lifetime.At the same time all the problems fall on the shoulders of a man - a punishment for his sins, the wrath of God, testifying to dismiss the suffering of the righteous and to the right path.According to the philosopher of this, humanity simply can not understand the essence of innocent suffering.Users can not abandon the expediency of what is happening in the outside world.Many people believe that if there is a punishment for the sins of imperfect, so God simply does not have, and no dispensation.

Erection Church

in Sarov, near the town cemetery, in October 2008 began to build a wooden parish church of Job-suffering.At the base of the altar held a ceremonial laying of the stone.In the event came Arzamas and Nizhny Novgorod Archbishop Bishop George.Next, he builds a temple Job Suffering much slower with the difficulties associated with the rapid development of the economic crisis in 2009.2010 was a period when economic solve many issues, such as interior decoration and insulation, for fire alarm systems and electrical networks.The most important was the production of the domes.The first cross was consecrated in 2011, April 22.Three days later conducted the first Divine Liturgy.The following took place May 19 - after the first patronal feast.June 28 Temple Job Suffering (Sarov) was consecrated Metropolitan of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas.