What right cheek is burning: the signs and their interpretation

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Few people know what right cheek burning.And when that happens - I think.Indeed, because of what the fire begins to glow cheek?Well, there are some pretty interesting explanation, and should consider them.

Folk wisdom

Our great Russian people - a true connoisseur of diverse signs, sayings and proverbs.He also provides an answer to the question of what right cheek burning.The first thing I would like to note - this is a signal to what should prick up their ears.Folk wisdom has it that this is a sign that some people are currently thinking about you.It's pretty ambiguous sign - treat it with the utmost precision is possible only taking into account the day of the week, or a situation in which it occurred.

If, for example, the cheek flared on Monday - is for new meetings.Tuesday - to quarrel.It has been observed in this environment - for a date.Thursday - for entertainment.Friday heralds the news, and Saturday - surprises.Well, if the cheek lit on Sunday - it's the fun.

interpretation sign

So why is burning right cheek?Often, because of the man who thinks.By the way, you can even find out what thoughts swirling in his mind of that person or what it says about you aloud.Make it pretty simple.It is necessary to take gold ring and hold it an edge on the right cheek.Then look at the color of the band, who left a piece of jewelry on the skin.If it is dark - nothing good about you do not say.Gossip, discuss, wash up bones, condemned.But in that case, if the strip light, it is a good sign.So, speak only good, even praise.Red is the trace of the ring does not mean anything - this man does not think your account nothing good or bad.So that experience and think about what the right cheek lit, absolutely no reason.

Other signs

There are several well-established views about that to which burns right cheek.A more modern interpretation of the sign says that it is good.If you are burning right ear and right cheek - so the person thinks his soul mate.May miss him and remember the good moments together.Or is this man thinking how to please your loved one or beloved.But in case you do not have the second half, then it is worth considering - most likely on the horizon appeared a secret admirer.And it is likely that he has long been dreaming of you, but still does not dare to speak about their feelings.

But if after the right begins to glow and the left cheek, then it is not good.Vintage sign states that will soon happen any situation that will cause tears to shed.They will cool burning cheeks.The most mysterious is that this sign does not portend anything in particular.It may be resentment, failure, illness, separation from loved ones, dismissal - in short everything that can cause a person to tears.But there is a popular antidote, so do not be so bad!It should not be a long time to think about, what is burning right cheek - you just need to take the holy water and wash my face.The heat subsides and the prediction will not come true.

What does medicine

It should be noted that if the cheeks are burning too often (especially if one - left or right), it is not necessary to constantly refer to the signs.There are serious health problems!The most common - a circulatory problems.It is worth knowing that the cheeks (and, incidentally, the ears too) burn with fire, if a person suffers vegetative-vascular disease.It is also unhealthy and too high color may indicate violations in the process of metabolism.If the red cheeks and dry - probably suspected diabetes.Still, if there is a party, it's worth checking your lungs.If burning right cheek - so damaged right lung.Of course, this is not always true, but is it safe.Problems with the endocrine system, also often appear in red.And, of course, do not forget that this can manifest itself cold or allergy.Therefore, if the cheeks are burning too frequently and regularly, you should see a doctor.It is better to clarify the state of his health than each time refers to the signs and their meanings.

ears and cheeks - is there a connection

So, if a person is burning - it is clear what this means.However, what is burning right cheek and ear?Is there a connection between these phenomena?Definitely.If this happens, it means that the person does not speak in the same place, but two at once.And often a combination of the right ear and cheek on the same side - it's a good omen.So, people say nice things about the person.But if blazed the left side - worth guard.

Sometimes raging ears - a change of weather.When lit lobe - is expected to either cooling or warming.But how to determine in advance which side will change the weather?Very simple.If a person born in the warmer months - then we can expect the temperature rise.And those who are born in the winter or late fall, can predict cooling.