How to store dried fish at home.

Dried fish - is not only a great snack to beer, but also a very useful product.Prepare it will not be difficult.This is what we will certainly tell.After reading the article, you will also learn how to store dried fish at home.Take a notebook and write down special notes.


Where to start?We go to the store for fish.And better to visit the city market.Many people wonder, "How to store dried fish at home?" But he is a minor.The most important thing - to choose the right product, because not all varieties are suitable for pickling and drying.Experts recommend buying perch, bream, saber fish, carp, dried fish, roach and roach.

Production of dried fish at home

So we brought a rich store of "catch."What's next?It is necessary to gut the carcass.This will in the future to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Wash the fish and put them in a cool place for a couple of hours.Then take a deep container and put it in the carcass.Generously sprinkle with salt.It should be as much as possible.Again, put a layer of fish and season with salt.After a while the fish carcasses will allocate the juice, which is called brine.Top news set.A capacity to remove the contents in a cool place.There it should be 5 days.

When prosolitsya fish, you can start it to dried.But before that it is necessary to expand the carcass on the paper and a little dry.What are the next steps?Fish strung on twine.For this vdevaem strong thread the needle and pierce the carcass through the eyes.We make sure that the back to looking in one direction.They should not come into contact with each other.One thread may be in 5 large or 15 small animals.Jerk fish is best in the open air.Under natural conditions, this process takes 2-3 weeks.Do not forget to protect the product from the flies (in summer) - for this construction adhesive qualities gauze or mosquito netting.

What to do with the finished product

took 2-3 weeks.Can I try the fish?Unfortunately no.After drying, the carcass should be for some time to "ripen."Usually it is given 3-4 weeks.How to store dried fish at home, so that it has not deteriorated and has retained its flavor is at its best?We are ready to share our information.

Storage stockfish:

  • place where you are going to put it, should be cool, dry and well ventilated;
  • suitable conditions: humidity 75%, the maximum temperature of - 10 ° C;
  • in special cold storage rooms, and fish can be stored up to a year;
  • at room temperature, dried foods should not be kept for more than 2 months - take note of this.

How to store dried fish: domestic tricks

We used to put food in the refrigerator.Stockfish fish can also be put to.But before that, it must be hermetically sealed.This measure will prevent premature drying of fish.Want to put sun-dried carcasses in the freezer?This option also has the right to life.But do not forget to wrap the fish in paper.And remember: it re-freeze is unacceptable.

storage outside the refrigerator

main thing - to deliver a dried fish from excessive moisture and direct sunlight.All this has a negative impact on its taste and appearance.Wrap the carcass in parchment paper, then remove to a dark place.This may be a closet or a wooden box with a lid.

Another way

Previous stockfish storage options do not suit you?There is another method.It involves the creation of a vacuum.To do this, take the fish, put it in a glass jar and close the lid.No air enters the container, thereby keeping its contents.

At the bottom of the banks, pour 50 ml of vodka.It prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms and even in the heat of fish retain moisture normally.Some housewives act differently.They put on the bottom of the banks candle, lit it, and then close the container lid.What gives?All the oxygen goes to the combustion process.This means that the fish is kept in a vacuum.But it is necessary to observe some caution.The candle should be small.Otherwise, it will burn the cover.

In conclusion

Now you know how to store dried fish at home.The recipe for its preparation was also voiced.We hope that the information in the article will be useful to you.