Upper-Intermediate: it

Over the many years of practical exercises you can practice your English, in which deep into work on vocabulary mastering the basics of writing and speaking.And now you want to check whether at the level of your English.

What is the level of Upper-Intermediate

Overall, the results of your training was to be an adequate perception of the original, including the spontaneous, emotive, dialogic and monologue speech native English speaker, teacher or companion in writing or direct contact.We list in more detail skills, showing the level of Upper-Intermediate, below:

- possession dialogic and monologue speech in situations of formal and informal communication of various subjects (to be specified below);

- expressive speaking, evidence presentation ideas using a variety of grammar and vocabulary;

- ability to make oral presentation, report, conduct interviews;

- discussion Read and listen to the original texts (including nonfiction);

- keeping the conversation or dialogue with the problematic nature of adequate verbal formulas;

- actively participated in the discussion, conversation, confident defending his point of view;

- evaluating statements of others in terms of the accuracy and content of linguistic form.

The above-mentioned skills can be achieved by engaging, for example, the textbook "New English File Upper-Intermediate".

As for reading, then your skills should be seen in the improvement of all kinds of reading (study, learn, search and viewing).And based on them, you should be removed from the material enclosed in it an emotional, ideological and aesthetic and semantic information based on substantial and linguistic analysis.

You also need to punctuation, spelling and graphically write competently various written works;express their ideas and thoughts in writing various kinds (essay, letter, resume, abstract, literature review);explain and correct vocabulary, spelling, stylistic and grammatical errors in written text brought against you.

the study well-known publications, for example, "Opportunities Upper-Intermediate", your vocabulary should be at least 3,000 units, close to the underwritten list with situational-thematic characteristics of subjects.The items listed include substantive content permissible communication, different social situation, speech metalinguistic tools and tasks for adequate speech, presented in the form of a monologue or dialogue.

list of topics studied

exemplary object-themed list, develop the study of the most famous methodical complexes, for example, "Headway Upper-Intermediate".

scope of personal and social communication:

1. Physical person.

2. The nature of man, mood, behavior, behavior.Psychological types of people, character traits (positive and negative), the types of emotional state, behavior, norms of good behavior.

3. Relationships.Love.Family life.

4. Phobias and mania.Faith and superstition.Ways of overcoming fears.

5. Crime and Punishment.Types of crimes.The reasons for the growth of crime.The prison as a punishment.Juvenile delinquency.

scope of domestic and social dialogue:

1. Our House.Home repairs.Buying a home.Homeless.

2. Health.Diseases.Health care.

sphere of social and cognitive communication:

1. Animal World.Problems of preservation of endangered species.Environment and Civilization, the sources of environmental pollution.Problems of preservation of the environment.

the field of professional communication.Scope of work:

1. Work.The correct choice of profession.Representatives of non-standard jobs.Teacher's personality, his human and professional qualities.

spheres of political and public life:

1. News.

2. Policy.Pros and cons of a political career.Political parties.Personality politics.

3. Developing countries and their problems.The need, poverty.Charitable organizations.

sphere of socio-cognitive and socio-cultural communication:

1. Advertising on television and radio, commercial video production.

Sphere socio-cultural communication:

1. Music.Music in our life: classical, popular, folk, jazz.Youth and pop music.

English Upper-Intermediate, in turn, has its own classification.Consider the different steps related to this level.

about speaking.Feature superior skills

Let's start with the most demanding requirements that are being developed in the course of a student studying any textbook at this level of quality (for example, New English File Upper-Intermediate).

necessarily complete and adequate implementation of communicative intentions in the framework of an extensive range of different situations.Fluent, well-organized speech.The absence of a pronounced accent.Appropriate and correct use of vocabulary and grammatical structures.

features excellent level

next level Upper-Intermediate - is the full realization of communicative intentions.Speak Easy hezitatsionnymi with small breaks and compositional variations.A rich vocabulary.The correct use of a variety of grammatical formulas.Rare and minor reservations and errors that do not reduce the effectiveness of speech.Emphasis on a slight level.

features above average

Confident realization of communicative intentions in the above situations.Good fluent speech with very minor hezitatsionnymi pauses and compositional variations, which are caused by the difficulty of proper formation of the content of the speech and / or choice of means of expression.Having reservations errors using grammatical structures and / or usage, which generally do not interfere with attainment of the objectives of communication.A noticeable accent.

Feature average Upper-Intermediate: it

quite adequate implementation of the communication process in the above situations.Satisfactory fluent speech.Minor violations of the composite structure of the text.Have hezitatsionnyh pauses.The presence of significant reservations and errors in the use of grammatical structures and words.Violation of the rules of pronunciation, that can obscure.

features below average

The failure to fully implement the communicative intent.The limited amount of statements.Quite often composite and logical narrative gaps.Lack of fluent speech and the presence of a large number of hezitatsionnyh pauses.Common mistakes and reservations use grammatical structures and vocabulary.Violation of the rules of pronunciation that make it difficult to understand.

about the letter.Excellent mastery of pens

begin with the highest skills Upper-Intermediate.With this level includes its features and characteristics discussed below.

rich idiomatic and phraseological vocabulary, appropriate standards of modern English.There are no spelling errors.Absolutely appropriate and correct use of grammatical formulas.Exact put communicative tasks.Absolutely reasoned and complete narration of the events, things or the presentation of ideas, points of view.Consistent and logical development of the plot and ideas.Full compliance with the style and genre of the written work.Accurate and relevant use of various artistic means of expression.

This level of language proficiency can only provide high-quality training materials (for example, "English File Upper-Intermediate").

Fluency letter

Rich idiomatic vocabulary quite relevant standards of the modern language.Less than one spelling, grammatical or lexical errors per hundred word forms.Some deviation in the use of grammatical constructions.Relevance of the communication problem.Reasoned and complete narration of the events, things or the presentation of its vision of a subject.The logical development of the plot and ideas.Match the style and genre of the written work.Properly used means of expression.

Good command of writing

good vocabulary as used appropriate way, in general, literate in English.Upper-Intermediate good level does not allow the commission of more than one spelling, grammatical or lexical errors per 100 word forms.Some deviations observed in the use of grammatical structures.Conformity communicative tasks are sufficiently accurate.On the whole, convincing and complete narration of the events, objects, and easy to understand presentation of his own thoughts and ideas.Some logical deviations and the lack of consistency of the story.Some highlights inconsistencies style and genre.

average level of written speech

Overall, a satisfactory range of vocabulary.However, vocabulary is limited, there are mistakes in the selection of the right word.No more than two grammatical, spelling or lexical errors per 100 word forms.Some uses of grammatical structures to obscure the meaning of written material.Communicative tasks corresponding to the letter.Observed deviations from the sequence and logic of the story and ideas.The limited choice of means of artistic expression.Genre and style does not comply with regulations.

Writing below average

This level Upper-Intermediate has a limited vocabulary.There is considerable uncertainty in the use and choice of words.No more than three spelling, grammatical or lexical errors per 100 word forms.Quite serious violations observed in the use of grammatical structures.It reflects the idea presented in the communication problem, but not fully implemented because of lack of clarity and convincing arguments in favor of one or another point of view.There are inconsistencies in the sequence and logic of presentation, mixed genres and styles.

reaching his goal, put in front of a new, more complicated tasks.Level Advanced - next node, which can subdue only those who are able to overcome yourself and indulge in the vast expanses of the language.