Magic names: Valery Maxim

continue the study of the interpretation of names.For example, all known actor and singer Maxim Galkin Valery (not her real name, but the important thing is that all of its know how Valery).Want to know what traits indicate those names?

entire life of Valery remains complex and unpredictable.It is inconsistent in assessing the events and people, fickle in his intentions, and it is often annoying others.However, based on its extravagant lies vulnerability and increased sensitivity.

strangers she often wary, incredulous.The innocuous remarks in-law will provide a biased attitude to him, although the other sister in the same situation would have reacted quite calmly.

Valery caring, economic wife home from her throughout the procedure.He does not like to go to parties, to visit, they prefer home quiet and chat with the family.Jealous.Jealousy often destroys Valeria successfully emerging first marriage.

predisposed to allergies, bronchitis, Valerie unstable nervous system.

very calm.It seems that is about to explode, but nothing like this happens.He manages to be a consummate mediator.He is tough and flexible.He knows the possibilities.

If Maxim is focused, it is very successful in society.Lens.Unusually quickly finds a way out of any difficult situation, very determined.He knows how to convince people, and when it comes to love - is unsurpassed actor.He had a weakness for the female sex.He is obsessed with his pride and gonorrhea.Especially it is necessary that someone did not take advantage of his generosity.

Maxim chooses a profession that he was pleased.Most of them are self-taught, at least in that area, which leads to success.It has good intuition, and also a good psychologist.His is to remain permanently in the world of imagination.It has an amazing memory, an enviable sense of humor.Maxim has the talent to manipulate people.It seeks to be loved, but did not want anyone's feeling became a burden for him.All looks like the lord and master of the world.Sincerely wants to help others.He has a remarkable intuition.He easily reveal their talents.

sensual, somewhat autocratic.Sex is important for him, but it is not the most important thing in life.For life applies to gambling.Very sociable, cordial fellowship and simple, not a snob.By marrying, Maxim plays a role of a slave, but his wife demands that she reprized his whims and indulge his weakness.

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