How many cat gives birth?

Fluffy, touching lumps ... their birth, many are waiting with great impatience, however, need to know that pregnancy and childbirth - a very important moment in the life of not only a pet, but also a host.Be sure to prepare: in advance, calculate, how many cat gives birth to this crucial moment was not a surprise.

Pregnancy cat

Most often it passes quickly and almost imperceptibly.Not to forget, immediately make simple calculations.So you will always know how many cat gives birth.Hatched domestic Murka kittens long.From conception to birth it takes about 9 weeks.The exact date you need to know to prepare for childbirth.Although in the case with the free content of cats is not always possible.Typically, vets suggest using the following formula.To date knitted added two days and two full months.Knowing how many cat gives birth, it is possible to notice any abnormalities and seek medical advice.

physiological changes of an organism cats

Usually they become noticeable in the third week, that is, approximately 21 days after mating.It is this period is important for the diagnosis and correction period.Begins to redden and swell up buds, they are rounded and lifted.The abdomen becomes more dense and solid, around the nipples appears brown peeling.The cat becomes drowsy, she has a good appetite.If you see these signs, we can already confirm the date and find out exactly how many cat gives birth.

reason for an urgent appeal to the vet

In most cases pregnant cats runs smoothly, and at the appointed hour you have a small furry family.But sometimes there are unforeseen complications, which is why it is important to know how many months, will give birth to a cat.If the pre-set by date has passed, but labor does not occur, it is cause for concern.It is especially important not to delay if the favorite furry constantly looking for a place, plaintive meows, refuses to eat for a long time.This behavior is normal during childbirth, but if you see that more than 10 hours and kittens do not appear, the urgent need to carry her to the vet.

Other signs for emergency treatment to the doctor can be a cat lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea, heavy smell from the vagina, seizures.Do not pull, because it affects the life of your pet.

Preparation maternity place

Believing how many months will give birth to a cat, you can prepare in advance of the mini-hospital.As it may be a small box with slots for air, closed, darkened and soft bedding.About a day before delivery the cat begins to look for a cozy nest, worries, and requires you affection and attention in the double size.The most favorite places for lambing are linen closets, drawers, with warm clothes.Most importantly, the place was cozy and smelled host, Ideal - the bed, so it is often the owners wake up in the morning with the whole family.Even after giving birth elsewhere, the cat tends to move closer to human infants.To avoid this, prepare a box in advance.Prepare to be that when a cat feels the first contractions, it will try to be on your lap, so one she does not want to sit in his box.Before the birth of the first kitten is better to stay with his pitomitsy, pat and soothe her.If the birth will take place at night, you risk wake up from the squeaking baby in your bed.


It resembles a human pregnancy, because we are all - mammals, and organisms operate very similar.The only significant difference - the duration.How many days gives birth to a cat?Usually after conception takes place 59-66 days, so wait for the kids you have very long.It is very difficult to determine exactly, since the rut in cats begins long before ovulation and lasts for some time after fertilization.There may be deviations.In rare cases, pregnancy may end prematurely, but in this case, the kittens will be viable.If the pregnancy is delayed, the more so the owner need to know how many days the cat gives birth.If prolonged gestation - is cause for urgent treatment to a veterinarian.Maximum cat kittens can wear 66 days.

Pregnancy cat for weeks

All owners are very interested in how many days will give birth to a cat.Now look at the whole process of pregnancy, it is best that you imagined.It begins with conception and exit embryo in the uterus.While the obvious signs of pregnancy is not observed.Between 1 to 3 weeks the fetus is attached to the uterine wall.Begin to form the most important organs, appear the outlines of the fetus.At this time, feeling the belly of the cat is not desirable to determine the development of the kids.At this time, changing the behavior of the cat, she is vomiting and nausea.When starting to turn pink nipples, it is safe to say that at the end of the third week.Hence, it is clear how many days will give birth to a cat.It will take another six weeks, and you will have furry kids.

From 4 to 6 weeks of benefits increased greatly in size, they have become like kittens.Already there are the first signs of hair.The cat begins to eat much, the stomach increases and becomes pear-shaped.It is no longer necessary to guess, how many will give birth to a cat.Last one's left "trimester".

From 7 to 9 week kittens are fully formed and covered with hair, now they just grow, gain weight.The length of a kitten at birth is 8 cm and weighing approximately 100 grams are now the kids are actively moving.Stroking belly, you can feel their heads.But you can not press too hard, as this may harm the baby.Now a cat's nipples swell appears colostrum and transparent vaginal discharge.

change in cat behavior during pregnancy

Now you know how many months, give birth to cats, and thus be able to prepare for this event.The approximation of birth and said the behavior of your pet.It becomes more sluggish and passive, loses its former agility.At about 8 weeks the cat is difficult to jump and climb on higher things, it can easily break and fall.It shows a great appetite, but in the last few days before childbirth may refuse to feed.Do not make it, your appetite will come back after the birth.

The birth of kittens

Last preparations behind, and that's a cat's water broke.How many give birth - the question now becomes paramount.Put your hand on her stomach.You feel contractions, you can pat it, it will help you relax.After about 20 minutes of cervical dilatation reaches a maximum, and the light will be the first kitten.If the bag of waters is intact, then you need to break it gently, and then give the cat the opportunity to lick her baby.She has time to rest and gain strength, because it does not mean that the light will appear once all the kittens, if the cat water broke.How many will give birth to a second - depends on the physiological characteristics, often the interval is about 4 hours, although, sometimes, the kittens are born one after another.


The most common genera are easy, and the cat does not need help.They are good mothers and rarely abandon babies.On the contrary, the cat will adopt another's willing kitten, puppy, or even a rat, if they're used to each other since childhood.But always beware.If you need professional help, it should be provided immediately, or may be jeopardized not only the lives of children, but also their mothers.With the advent of furry family in the host there is another concern: to find every child a good new home.