How to grow crystals at home: three options

Can you create something unique with their own hands?No?Then just need to learn how to grow crystals at home.This magical art of striking unfathomable beauty.Everything is quite simple.You do not need to buy sophisticated equipment or use expensive materials.As a result, you get crystals, stunning variety of shapes and faces game in which rays of light sparkle.They are great for home decoration.The main purpose - to get "rock" the most appropriate and beautiful form.

What you need to work

If you decide how to grow crystals at home, it will not be without some of the things:

  1. tank cultivation.The capacity depends on the desired size of the future of the crystal.This can be a glass or refractory small saucepan.
  2. will take a chemical, and from which you will grow crystals (salt, sugar, copper sulfate, and so on).
  3. alcohol or water is used as solvent.
  4. Any stick to stir the solution.
  5. burner thermometer.
  6. colorless varnish, paper napkins and a nail file.

How to grow crystals at home from the salt

This method is the easiest.First, you put on the stove container with water.Stir it, pour salt in small portions until it is no longer dissolve in boiling water.Now the container can be removed from the stove, then you need to immerse the rope and string, which will be grown crystal.All you can do is wait patiently zapasshis.How regular shape will result in the crystal it depends on how rapidly cooled solution.The best result is possible with a slow temperature decrease.Capacity in any case can not be touched, shake or move, as long as the crystal grows.In its finished form it should be cut with a base and using a dry cloth.Typically in such a method of growing crystals have a regular square shape.Color you can control themselves by adding a solution of different colors.

How to grow crystals at home, using bluestone

Once you have worked with the salt, you can switch to other materials.Copper sulfate is sold in stores for truckers.The solution is prepared similarly to the previous version.Just heat it above 80 degrees can not be.If you do not comply with this condition, the solubility of copper sulfate is reduced.In this case crystals will grow longer, from three days to one month.To fix the result, cover them with varnish.

How to grow a crystal of sugar

Everything is done in the same way as in the case of salt.Ready crystals serve as a great decoration for the holiday table.And adding natural dyes, you can make them any color.If you are interested in interior design, the crystal growth will be a great help in your hobby.

Now you know how to grow crystals at home.It's simple, it does not need to purchase expensive materials.The main thing - perseverance and patience.And these activities can be a great fun for you and your children.Definitely better to do than endlessly watching cartoons on TV.