How and where to hide a crib in the exam

Everyone wants to "free" in this life.And students are not an exception.To pass the exam easily and simply, without long and boring training - the dream of any.So every once asked the question: "How to cancel the exam?"

Since ancient times crib - our chief assistant in this matter.It becomes a lifeline for those who do not have time to learn everything or do not want to teach.You agree that writing cribs will take much less time than just memorizing vast and dull material.In addition, no wonder they say that "even the most stupid pencil better the sharpest memory."Indeed, in the most stressful time of your knowledge can simply go up in smoke, you are lost, perevolnuetes not be able to answer.Another thing, when you have at hand all written down, one has only to look.It would seem that there is a complex and why ask "where to hide a crib in the exam."He puts it in his pocket and went himself bravely.But lately, the evil teachers and inspectors began a stricter attitude to the exam.Simple pocket - not an option.Because of the spur can easily fly to the exam even without having to write off.

Even if you are confident that you in the exam spur not help, it does not mean that it is not necessary to write.Firstly, in writing it, you better learn the material.Secondly, it can always be a miracle, that is, will be able to write off.So, if you decide to use the "magic wand", but do not know where to hide a crib in the exam, you will fall can be very useful tips from this article.How nice that everything is thought out and tested us.After a student's imagination knows no bounds!Including a relatively cribs.Invented by a huge number of species and places to hide a crib in the exam.

So if you like to wear bracelets, you can easily hide a crib in the form of an accordion for them.Some even manage to glue the spur of the visor cap, and then deduct from there in the exam.But this is not the best option.Indeed, the majority of teachers are opposed to the headscarf in the classroom.

winter, hide a crib is much easier than in the warmer months.After you warm clothing with long sleeves, which and has to conceal the Spurs.You can shove sleeve sweater collar or hide Course: debit and comfortable, and is almost negligible.

girls in this matter is much simpler.They do not need to excel and come up with a long time, where to hide a crib in the exam.The mass of options: the skirt and neckline, and stockings, and even in the hair, if the length allows.But the boys are not far behind!They also use their might and main article of clothing - tie.If properly tie it, then it becomes a repository for a sufficiently large number of spurs.

can write formulas or other information directly to small pens, pencils, and even phones.Just go to extremes is not necessary: ​​do not spoil your expensive device Apple's periodic table.But the ruler experiment vengeance.

But there are exams, where simple methods do not hire.It required the most original, the most subtle and the most effective spur.So, where to hide a crib in the state exam:

1. «Kotogotki" or overhead gel nails.This is extremely girly fashion.What is the essence?On artificial nails written all the necessary information.Then the work of art is covered with varnish.It is unlikely that a teacher would think to consider patterns on your nails.

2. Transparency.Type spurs on transparent tape.It's not expensive, and the result is stunning.No one will notice that you are retired.

3. Handle 007. This pen is sold everywhere.From it, as if by magic, goes to paper tape designed for your spurs.Minus: the teacher can guess why you are such a thick pen.

4. Cigarettes.If you have a small, but distinct handwriting, then go for it.Of course, a lot of cigarette will not fit, but at least something - completely.

5. «Invisible."Write "bombs" across the sheet is very strong, pressing the handle.Then take with you as a piece of the draft, which was under the "bomb."That it will be all the information, but without ink!Only you can see that reflected in the piece, the teacher is not given!

Well, the choice of the place where it is better to hide the cheat sheet for you.And most importantly, without which you can not do it good luck!