The biggest cities in the world in terms of population and territory

very first city in the history of mankind have arisen during the transition from primitive society to the slave, at a time when there was an in-depth social division of labor, and a portion of the population that previously was occupied only in agriculture, went to perform handicraft work.Artisans and craftsmen along with the representatives of the class masters (priests, representatives of the government, the big landowners, etc.), Which in the ground and created conditions for a comfortable existence (palaces, primitive water supply, road construction, space for meetings, amphitheaters, etc.).focused in convenient locations for life, for example in water reservoirs in the valleys and deltas, and so on.. Of course, it was not a big city, but only a small settlement.The other part of the population had to live outside and engaged in farming and cattle breeding.

In the future, due to the wars between different nations around the cities began to build fortifications.This was done in order to protect the population against the enemy hordes.So began to appear big cities.They are at times subjected to destruction, but again built on the same spot.It is believed that the area on which the city was erected, was sealed by God.Therefore, these settlements will stand forever, regardless of anything.

Top-10 largest cities in the world in terms of population

The list includes the world's largest cities by population, excluding residents of the suburbs.

1. The first in this list is the Shanghai (China).This is the city where the headquarters of almost all of the world's largest corporations.According to demographic studies, it was he - the largest city in the world by population.It is located in the Yangtze Delta and the world's largest sea port.Its population at the end of 2012 is 23.8 million people.

2. The second major metropolis - is the Chinese capital of Beijing.It is the largest cultural and scientific center of the country.Its population is 20,693,000 people.

3. At this point in the list of Bangkok - the capital of Thailand - Kingdom of Siam.The population of this metropolis is 15,012,197 people.

4. Tokyo - capital of the country of the rising sun.It is the main administrative and financial, industrial and cultural center of Japan.It is located on the island of Honshu.Despite the fact that urban agglomeration with the Tokyo District is the largest in the world, in this list, he only takes the 4th place, because its population is 13,230,000 people.

5. Another big city - Karachi, the economic but not the official capital of Pakistan.It is only slightly inferior to Tokyo in terms of population.In Karachi, live 13,205,339 persons.

6. Until recently, the city was known to the world under the name of Bombay, but today it is - Mumbai - the financial capital of India.Population - 12,478,447 people.

7. Another Indian metropolis, the capital of India - Delhi, also among the top ten cities in the world.Its population is 12,565,901 people.

8. Our beautiful Moscow.The population of the white stone in the last year - 11,979,529 people.It is the largest scientific and cultural center for the entire Russian-speaking world, as well as one of the most expensive cities in the world.

9 and 10. In the top ten also includes two American cities: São Paulo (11,316,149), the largest city in Brazil, and Bogotá - the capital of Colombia.The population of the latter - 10,763,453 people.

big cities in the world by area

  1. Sydney.
  2. Kinshasa.
  3. Buenos Aires.
  4. Karachi.
  5. Alexandria.


big cities in the world included in the two lists, may eventually change places constantly, they can also add and other fast-growing mega-cities, since the dynamics of population growth, as well as expanding the boundaries unpredictable.