Cat greatly molting.

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flyout cat hair can bring a lot of inconvenience, because it has the ability to penetrate literally everywhere.Especially unpleasant if the cat sheds much.What to do in such a case?How to distinguish normal from health problems?

Molting different breeds of cats

hairs fall out in all animals.This is a natural process and it does not turn out to avoid.But the intensity of the moulting is highly dependent on the breed of cat.Often on the forums of animal lovers there is a question: "British cat sheds much.What should I do? "Quite often problems with molting expect long-haired breeds, but not by the British Shorthair.But such an approach is incorrect because it is the hardest falls fluff.

British, Persian, and Siberian cats Maine Coons possess a thick fluffy fur coat with a rich undercoat, which gives so much trouble to owners.Often and Scottish cat sheds much.What to do in such cases, you will learn from this article.

If you like the long-haired cats, but the prospect of spending a lot of time for cleaning furniture scares, then pay attention to the sacred Burma, Turkish angora, Somali, American Curl.

you beskopoit that Siamese cat sheds much?What to do in such a case?This situation should alert you as Siamese have no undercoat and guard hairs normally fall out in small quantities.Less intensive molt takes place at the Egyptian Mau, Burmese, Abyssinian, Bengal, Bombay, Singapore cats.

course, problems with shedding will not have the Cornish and Devon Rex, Sphynx.

How to reduce the amount of hair?

It so happens that the cat sheds very much.What to do in such a case, how to reduce the amount of hair falling out?First Assistant host shedding cats with thick undercoat - Furminators.To prevent tangles and gently get rid of fallen down, the cats with long hair need to comb daily.

Will and use special shampoos and conditioners.They moisturize the skin and restore damaged hair.It is worth noting that Furminators and cosmetics can eliminate only the consequences of excessive moulting.And for optimal resolve this trouble you must find out the cause of its occurrence.We will understand why the cat sheds much what to do to solve this problem.

cause and solution to the problems: the season

At the age of about six months wool kitten is completely replaced by an adult.Molting can last up to two months.Soft Baby fur replaced cruder constant.Drawing on the fur becomes brighter, more saturated.During this period, the animal needs to be especially well-balanced nutrition.Well-groomed and healthy kitten molted faster, and the new fur will be better.

Normally cat molts twice a year.With the arrival of spring light summer coat is replaced by a magnificent winter.Fluffy cat can continue shedding all summer, getting rid of excess undercoat, to the fall of this process is terminated.Shorthair lose hair the same spring and autumn.Seasonal shedding can last from several weeks to two months.To speed up the process of the animal should be vychёsyvat.


molting and can cause health problems.Hormonal changes can result in hair loss.Cats shed after birth, and this is normal.But the changes may cause the animal and the proximity of the opposite sex.Even if the prospective partner lives next door, a cat or a cat can smell him.Failure to satisfy the sexual instinct, or vice versa, exhaustion from frequent mating or giving birth can cause molting.Veterinarians recommend to sterilize animals not intended for breeding.This avoids the hormonal surges, reduces the likelihood of tumor diseases.

reasons for molting and can be a variety of diseases.Severe hair loss can be a troubling symptom, along with an unpleasant odor from the mouth, coughing, scratching, lethargy and so on. D. Understand than sick pet and prescribe treatment should vet.Molting, cause disease, will take place only after the recovery of the animal.


It often happens that a cat, never emerging from the apartment, shed a little throughout the year.She does not feel the change of seasons.There is a growing problem in winter when heating very dry air.Low humidity is harmful not only for cats, but also for its owner.Raise it to normal levels will help air conditioners, humidifiers, aquariums without cover.For domestic cat need to choose the right diet, take care of the hair with the help of special tools.Will and vitamins from molting, but the courses can be carried out no more than twice a year.

Even under ideal conditions of hair loss can be caused by constant stress.The cat may be attacked the child, another animal at home or on the street.In this situation, one should try to remove the source of stress.In severe cases, the veterinarian may prescribe a mild sedative medication.

care and feeding of your cat

greatly molting.What if she is healthy and calm, but the wool continues to crumble?Pay attention to the quality of shampoos and balms for the care of fur.Cheap low-quality cosmetics can cause molting.Furthermore, shampoos need to use according to the instructions correctly diluted concentrate.Combing not only helps to get rid of fallen hair, but also improves blood circulation and nutrition of hair.

cat sheds much.What to do?Finally, one of the most common causes of hair loss - an unhealthy diet.Cheap dry food can not provide all the necessary fluffy darling.Choose quality products known manufacturers.A natural diet should be balanced menu - diverse.Wrong feed the cat food from the table, or only one chicken breast.She needs lean meat, fish, offal, eggs, raw vegetables, fruits and herbs.

General advice

Finally, a few tips:

  • comb your darling, avoiding the sharp teeth of combs;
  • wash your cat only the quality shampoo;
  • use vitamin supplements in the natural feeding;
  • buy special cat hair conditioners.