How many pigeons live, so surprise us!

you ever thought about how many pigeons live?We so often meet them in the squares, boulevards in the market that is never seen: it is the same doves or they are still changing.How many can remember, my whole childhood surrounded by these gentle, intelligent and loyal birds.

It all began so.Sometime in the distant past, we went with Dad to work for him.I remember it was evening, and there was nobody except the guard.We missed out on the attic, and my eyes had the following picture: in the light of a lantern silhouetted birds.Frightened by our invasion, they flew from one place to another, with a loud cooing.From that day I was born a feeling of love for pigeons.

study of life

pigeons Pigeons have always existed.The sacred book of the Bible, even the pigeons are mentioned in the Old Testament.Then the birds were sacrificed to God for the sins of man.In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove.It turns out that many people live, many of these birds and surround.

These birds phenomenal memory, excellent vision, and they are well oriented in the new location.How many pigeons live, as they remember their mother house, where they were born.There were times when you buy a pigeon, and he flies through time and returned home.Golubyatnikov recommend hold young bird locked up a few weeks - until you get used to.Do not worry if at this time the dove will refuse to eat - so he longs for his family.About

pigeon loyalty can talk a lot.Even a man should learn from these birds.How many years live pigeons, so they retain their love.Even if they separate, then they often remain loyal to each other.Their loyalty extends to man: loving his master, they will fly to it on the first call.

These birds - excellent parents.They took turns incubating their two eggs for 18 days.Chicks are fed one by one, and when they are growing up and are able to fly, taken to build a new nest for a new brood.This female is sitting in the place that is chosen, and the male brings her twigs, sticks, and everything that comes to him.Without rising, the female palms off all by itself.According to estimates

pigeon, as pigeons live, it turns out that from 8 to 20 years.It depends on the species of birds, and of course of maintenance.For example, wild pigeons, which are themselves to earn their living and nest wherever they are subject to frequent illnesses and early death.

use pigeons

Until now, no one knows how the pigeons are able to find their way.How many pigeons live, as they are used for the transmission of messages.War pigeon was used during World War II and brought great benefit to our troops.

Nowadays, the pigeons are increasingly being used in sporting events where birds overcome from 50 to 1000 km.These rocks could not sit the whole day on the ground.

There are over 300 species of pigeons, which differ in size, shape, color and abilities.And each of these birds are able to deliver you a lot of fun and pleasant experience.