6 quiet games with your child

child does not want to read books, draw, play with their toys - he is bored and tired.Child categorically does not want to play myself, even tempting "make out my mother's wardrobe or makeup."The baby is very persistently asked my mother to play with it together.Mom - tired.No forces on active games with your child such as dogonyalok nor imagination to concoct new ones it does not.Or is it something busy and can not escape.

mum in this case, you need to come up with a new game or modify the old so that the child was interesting, but most of the mothers would require a minimum mental and physical costs.

1. Draw a song

Take the usual album and pencils and draw baby song.For example, "The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree."Sing - and consistently draws what singing (Christmas tree, forest, snow, coward-bunny gray, angry wolf, rough-legged horse, peasant, and so on ...).Songs in the repertoire of any young mom is almost unlimited, and captivates the child when the song materializes on paper.

Alternatively, you can do to my mother sang, and the child drew.Or vice versa.Or Mom draws drawing, and the child has to guess what the song (or a fairy tale).

2. Where's Wally?

Remember, this was a fairly simple American cartoon at the end of each series of the picture froze - and we had to find her hero.

So, you can take books bored child, but do not read them, but to give the job: to find the image: butterfly, bicycle, flower.Better to take pictures, where a lot of things to think and peripheral small objects that are more difficult to find.Or, instead of the familiar books to take my mother's journals.Kids older (already know how to read) is pleased to seek out the city maps.

can make a child to like the apartment and found three pieces of green (or round, or wood).It is not necessary to bring their mother, you can just call.So the child develops observation, and my mother gets precious minute of silence.

3. Beauty (fashion show)

Mom's clothes or cosmetics - are always the most attractive game for any girl.If the child requires, and my mother's involvement, selfless digging in the closet can be complicated.For example, my mother sits on the couch, taking a notebook and pen and turns into a strict jury.A daughter is not just dress up and dress up with "on the occasion": for a hike on a visit to hike to the grandmother for a walk, for a meeting with the "bride" (usually they are all girls kindergarten age).Strict, but fair jury evaluates the option and returns a verdict (of course, noting the imagination and taste beloved offspring).

mom can also be a client of a beauty salon, giving his face and hair at the disposal of the young stylist (prudently removing trudnosmyvaemye tools and sharp hairpins).And while the stylist conjures over hairstyle mother can with a clear conscience read a magazine or book.

4. TV show

If the request of the child to play with him finds his mother in the midst of household chores, you can attach it to the child.Usually kids happy to help my mother to cook or clean up, because for them the household chores - not routine, and a variety of games.If the mother does not want to bring a child to the case (because then have to redo) or the child refuses to help, you can make it a spectator or a cooking show programs about home improvement.Just

mother starts to comment on their actions in the spirit of fun and humorous presenter periodically to a child for advice or opinion.If the child himself and does not want to do anything, almost all children "pochemuchek" like a detailed story of the soup prepared from what's inside, or a vacuum cleaner.

5. Divide treasure

an experienced mom always has a reserve magic box (bag, box) with a "treasure": bottles of perfume, buttons, broken watches, unpaired earrings with colored lids from jars of baby foodetc.).The child the opportunity to delve into it gets rare, but because he was always happy doing it.If he requires and then my mother's participation, we propose to divide the "production" or figure out who owned these treasures.So my father's old diamond stud becomes the genie of turbans and wooden stick hair - a magic wand fairy godmother.

6. Family Chronicles

Normal view family photo albums, too, can "revive".For example, tell your child that remained behind the scenes, or who was a photographer or where now those who are captured in pictures.Kids happy to not only look photos, and listen to stories of family legends and stories.

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