What is a brand and why is it important?

What do you think, why you need a brand?

First, let's understand what a brand is and what it is.Brand - the uniqueness of the company, which has found an echo in the mind of the consumer, rather than as presented or see the company its founders, managers and designers.

This association, which is always on hearing people.As it is judged on the company, the quality of its product or service.A huge role in the representation of the product and the formation of ideas about the brand plays a professional studio photography, which helps to emphasize vizulnoe perfection.

If a man wake up in the night and asked to name the top 5 cars, and his response will contain 5 trending titles.This is - why should strive to create a unique company.

But how do you know what a person thinks, looking at the product of your creativity?You just have to ask - to carry out market research:

1. Determine the target audience (it's your direct consumers who they are, their age, financial and family situation, their hobbies and preferences).

2. Find out what your customers think.

3.Chem they may be interested.

4. How they relate to your company and what they expect from you.

Then you can build a brand, to make the heads of his audience, what you want to see the perception of your company.To present and highlight the uniqueness of their products.Separate emphasis on quality and value added services.

And now to combine the needs and desires of its customers with your opportunities, principles, features and imagination of the designer gets a unique company or brand.You should also think about every detail:

- corporate identity

- logo

- emblem

-materials presentation


-vizitki materials, banners, flyers

-Branded font and documentation

-Advertising inmedia, transport and the Internet, etc.

Most importantly, everything was in the same style and convey to your customers the very essence of your company, the flavor and you can say "charisma" of your project.Bright individuality, multiplied by the quality and reliability, a distinctive feature of any self-respecting company.

Brand - virtual or imaginary and illusory benefits and features that the customer receives when purchasing goods.And they are forcing us to be a fan of a particular brand.

So why is needed and important brand?

Firstly, this is what distinguishes this company from the competition.

What attracts consumers settle their minds and consciousness.And finally for what people are willing to give big money, just for the sake of owning a brand data.

A company needs, distinguishing mark, its trick to avoid the abyss in the depths of competitors to swim and stay afloat for many, many years.