What is the electronic queue

When competition in various fields of business becomes more rigid, the problem of increasing customer loyalty is becoming a top priority for the management of the company or corporation.The appearance of lines and uncomfortable waiting conditions negatively affect the image of the company and, ultimately, lead to a transition of clients to a competitor.

electronic queue management system (LMS) allows you to organize all the physical and create comfortable conditions for waiting for customers, thereby increasing the service quality and loyalty of customers.

modern electronic turn provides sufficient capacity to perform the equally important task of organizing remote branch network and respond to events in a remote office in real time, and includes tools for planning meetings with customers who signed up for the meetingonline or using self-service terminal.

We have a closer look at all of these aspects on the example of the complex decision of the French company ESII eSirius.

management branch network

Using cloud technology, when all the information on the reception of clients in real-time flows to a central server system allows the administrator or manager of the company to control the load compartment, depending on the time, quickly change the reception strategy in response to problematic situationsas well as to monitor the quality of the staff.

Information about specific individuals receiving customers will more objectively assess the field staff manager of the company, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of filiala- for example, by comparing the number of visitors to the amount of purchases or payments in a branch.

Statistics collected during the period of work will help to optimize the branch network based on the specific workload statistics department and not on the basis of assumptions and general conclusions.

planning meetings with clients

planning meetings with klientami- another useful feature that saves your time-visitor will be absolutely sure that it will at the appointed time and he did not have long to wait for their turn.

principle of operation of such an appointment:

  • customer chooses a convenient day and time using the preferred form on a Web page, on a self-service terminal or by calling the operator.
  • after the identification of the client (the easiest way for this to use the phone number), the system issues a unique number that the client writes or receives SMS
  • when the client comes to the police, he drives a number on the self-service terminal or reported it to the reception, and then passes to the required
  • staff if the customer is not enough, the system automatically cancels his ticket

Such planning disciplines and personnel of the company, allows for more efficient organization of their activities.Managers also can view the planning officer, allowing it timely to optimize or to redirect the client to the appropriate service or to less busy employee.

Fifty years of experience in the use of electronic systems to manage all in Europe showed the effectiveness of this approach in organizing the flow of customers.In the CIS market, at this stage, only some are actively developing segmenty- banking institutions, government agencies, and medicine.In Europe, electronic queue is practically everywhere where there is a constant stream of people-offices, airports, service centers, transport and logistics companies, telecommunications companies and mobile phone operators and supermarket chains.