12: 12 - what it means?

Magic numbers of people interested in a long time.Some numbers considered lucky, lucky charms.Others, on the contrary, promise troubles and misfortunes of their victim.It does all this in the slightest grain of objectivity?The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist.

time on the clock and repeating digits

One day, waking up at night, you find yourself on the clock 3:03, and suddenly accidentally glancing at his watch, they see 12:12.What does this strange coincidence?

first person does not think about it, but when such accidents occur every day, year after year, even the most ardent skeptics are suspicious.

whatever value you may give equal numbers on the clock, remember that one day when he saw them, many are beginning to notice the constant insidious freaks time.A variety of mystics and charlatans can tell a lot about magic numbers, and science has, as always, there is an explanation.

Why do we see the same numbers on the clock?

What is the cause of this mysterious phenomenon?Why do some people constantly pursue sinister figures?To date, there is no way to answer this question unambiguously.Some say that the way the world is trying to tell us something important, to warn of the impending catastrophe or to please future wealth.

However, there is a different view on this issue.Another explanation for the unusual "behavior" of the time lies in ourselves.

Every person has a natural clock that depending on the situation can remind yourself.For example, once drawing attention to repetitive numbers on the clock, man can unknowingly remember this time.Especially if the same numbers come at a time of strong emotional shake-up.Thus, the subconscious can secretly we count down the time to the promised moment, forcing to look at the clock at some point, such as 12: 12. What do you mean, all the fault may be the human unconscious, not a higher power.This is only one of many versions of the appearance of identical numbers on the clock, do not perceive it as an inviolable truth.

What do you mean 12: 12 on the clock?

If the same numbers appear on the clock not just if they do carry information, trying to warn the knowledge of what they mean, it may be useful to everyone.For example, 12: 12.What does this ominous combination?Good or bad news, it brings?There are many interpretations and interpretations of these figures portend positive events and negative.

For example, some believe that, after seeing 12: 12 on the clock, you need to make a wish.If you have time to do it before there will be 12: 13, it is sure to be fulfilled.There are other interpretations of these figures.Some sources say that to see 12: 12 - a sign that soon your life will penetrate the temptation, and you have to decide to yield to it or overcome, set a good example to others.

There is a version that the 12: 12 on the clock portends success in love affairs.As a result, everyone must decide for themselves what it means to age 12: 12 The main thing - do not lose heart when he saw a suspicious combination is because the negative mood itself can bring misfortune and sadness.Stay positive and hope for the best - a great way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of all kinds of superstitions.

Should I believe the same numbers?

mystical significance of the appearance of identical numbers on the clock it is impossible to prove or disprove empirically.Therefore there is no reason to be afraid of his watch, because only depends on us our future.The man persuaded himself that once he saw some numbers, then all he will be bad, personally digging its own grave.If it makes sense to somehow interpret mysterious coincidence, it is only in a positive way.Man that is configured for the best, sure to be happy, no matter what time it on the clock - 11: 11, 14: 14 or 12: 12. What is the phenomenon of repeated digits on the clock, up to you.