How to prepare a wedding toast?

very important part of the feast dedicated to the wedding - wedding toast.And even just visitors must be prepared that they may give the floor.What we talk about relatives or close friends.Therefore it is better to prepare for it in advance, especially those who obtained bad improvisations.

Toasts are toast in a brief speech, which reflects the wishes of heroes of the occasion.One of the main conditions here - brevity and conciseness.In addition, it is desirable that they were cheerful and witty.You can, of course, wishes to use ready - on the Internet, and in printed publications can be found in abundance.However, not so difficult to make a wedding toast yourself, in which case they will have another important quality - originality.

There are collections of sayings of great men, in which quite a number of sentences devoted to family and marriage.You can select any suitable and start his speech with her.This phrase should not have a negative connotation (in relation to the event), even if it is said in a joking manner.

his speech should begin with the words "One great said ..." (or something similar).Thus it is better if the audience the impression that this aphorism, he alone found in the writings of the writer, not read in the book.Optimally all, if the author is known to most quotes will present otherwise is to clarify who it is.After the aphorism uttered, mostly wedding toasts are constructed like this: "And let's drink to that ..." or "I propose a toast ...".At the end is traditionally added, "Kiss!".

example: "Spinoza said that understanding is the beginning of the agreement.Let us wish the young, so that they understand each other and live in harmony and happiness.Kiss! ".

must be remembered that it should be fairly concise and easy to understand, because otherwise it is unlikely anyone will appreciate.Phrases should choose bright and logically build them correctly.For example is the following toast: "My wife once asked her husband:" What kind of woman do you like better, smart or beautiful? "."And those, and others, which is why I chose to marry you."As we see, and our groom excellent taste, he chose, and smart, and beautiful at the same time.So let's raise our glasses to the hero of the occasion, our bride. "

often used at weddings mandates that can be in verse or prose, for each of a pair of newlyweds or both simultaneously.These humorous instruction can be done in the form of scrolls, which then daryatsya young.

funny wedding toasts can create a festive atmosphere and additionally cheer up all those present.There is a basic requirement for them (as already mentioned): humor should not hurt the feelings of family life or future newlyweds speak negatively about it.Often these toasts uttered in verse form that allows you to show the preparation and the creativity of the speaker.

wedding toasts are very important witnesses and bridesmaids, as the latter is one of the central actors in this event.Despite the fact that in a few sentences is difficult to convey all the overwhelming feelings and emotions, is to try and think about them in advance.For example, it can approach the next toast: "A great philosopher said that the main advantage of marriage is that unpleasant you can always redirect visitors to their half.Let's drink to the fact that it was not the only advantage of your marriage, the guests in the house were only welcome, but family life is filled with joy because of the noise of children.Bitter! ยป

Wedding toasts formulated in poetic form, the evening will give additional solemnity.If a guest can make them yourself, it is best to do so.In this case, there is no risk to be trapped if the prepared phrases from any online source or publication already told someone from the audience.

speech topics can be any of the future life of the spouses to their personal qualities and virtues.It can cause incidents from the life in which the groom or bride showed themselves on the positive side.This will further emphasize the dignity of heroes of the occasion.

Thus, original toasts require just a bit of imagination, creativity and a little bit of time.The result will be the gratitude on the part of the young and the good mood of all present.