Milk - what are they and why do we need?

Breast Pump - a very useful gadget for many nursing mothers.

Today we will tell you in what cases it can help, what kinds of breast pumps, their advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, it should be noted that the breast does not need the mothers who feed the baby constantly, and on-demand - so that there is no stagnation of milk, and do not remain in excess of his chest.

Because as soon as the milk, and set the normal mode of feeding, the milk produced just as much as the baby drinks.In this case, the additional pumping leads to the production of surplus milk.

So why and when you need a breast pump?

This gadget can be useful, for example, if you need to express breast milk from overflowing when the mother feeds the child on the clock.Otherwise, it may cause stagnation of milk, which leads to various diseases and breast inflammation (such as mastitis).

breast and irreplaceable when you need to draw some milk and a reserve for the future - for those who in a period of time and for whatever reason can not breastfeed.For example, working mothers, in the absence of which is close to feed your baby expressed milk in advance.

If a child can not suckle, or refuses to do so, again, will help breast - as in the previous case, the pumping with this device is much faster and more efficient manual process.

Milk decanted into bottles or special sterile disposable bags - they are either attached to the breast pump, or sold separately.

Before you start pumping, you need to sterilize and bottle, and come into contact with breast milk, and parts of the instrument.

Types of breast pumps to express milk and

course, Hand expression - the most accessible and cheapest way for nursing mothers, it can be practiced anywhere, anytime.In some cases, it is even useful, because it is accompanied by chest massage.However, it takes a lot of time, with tired hands and improper pumping can lead to breast disease.

If we talk about breast pumps, they are manual (mechanical), electrical and electronic.

Hand vacuum breast relatively inexpensive and compact, but its use requires skill and dexterity, while too tired hands.Decantation is faster than his hands, but slower than other species breastpumps.That is, this kind of ineffective.

greater efficiency has electronic breast pump - it is portable, you can take with you and use not only at home.This gadget is easy to use and leaves your hands free, but it is much more expensive and often need to charge the batteries.

most effective are electric breast pumps , they can express both breasts at once.Easy to use, they are also free hands mothers, but they have disadvantages.Firstly, such breast road;Secondly, they are noisy in operation, however inconvenient to use them at night.Furthermore, this gadget requires continuous power source, so in a way it can not be used more often.

choosing a breast pump, remember that it should be easy to wash, and he should be the regulators of power and speed pumping.

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