How to write an essay about each other: the embodiment of a correct image of the person in writing

Writing about the friend asked to write more often in elementary and secondary schools.Although sometimes they are working on it and high school students, however, and the requirements for placing others above.But you need to write an essay about each other?How should it be?What exactly describe?This should talk to in the future to better focus on this issue and will cope with the task.

main idea

Writing about the other should have a definite purpose.It is necessary to take this work not as an ordinary schoolwork.It is designated only for themselves this goal.For example, tell a loved one and that makes it so special.That distinguishes it from the rest.Or maybe he is bright and memorable appearance?It can also serve as a theme.A good idea is to write about familiarity with the other - it, too, is interesting.In general, the subject alone, but everyone can deploy it in their own way.This is the feature of this work is an essay about the other.

description or argument?

Of course, in this case it is better to give preference to the description.After all, an essay on the theme "My friend" - this is, by definition, work "portrait" character.Do not hesitate to detail - they are much decorate the essays of this kind.It will be remembered as much detail - the color of the eyes, unusual pattern of the iris, mole, hair, face shape, cheekbones, etc.Of course, little things pay more attention to adults, but in which direction should work - it is clear.The character is also described in detail.Good, kind, willing to support - it's all so clear.It would be better if we approach this issue creatively.After all, everyone knows that the friend - a good, kind people who are ready to support.Therefore it is better to pay attention to something unique, something that will be interesting to see other people, it is unlikely to meet the character of another person.

Thus, combining physical description and character, it is possible to recreate the image of man, which was discussed in the paper.The most important thing - to try to do so in the subconscious of the reader came right image.To do this, have to work hard over the selection of the "right" words.

plan and structure

course essay on "Friends" has a certain structure.In principle, this work looks the same as other essays.There should be an introduction, main part and conclusion capacious.Students who do not just write an essay, be familiar with this structure.The entry should be small, but specific, indicating the topic.The main part of it is necessary to set out all their thoughts, competently connecting them into logical proposal, unrelated in meaning.Finally, end.It usually sums up everything, as discussed in the preceding paragraphs.How to draw a line.In general, nothing complicated about it, the main thing - to take the time to write.And best of all - a small sketch plan of what I want to write.So certainly not turn their thoughts to forget, and will work on writing a lot easier and, most importantly, faster.