Detailed description of the "GAZ-SAZ-35071"

car "GAZ-SAZ-35071" manufactured Saransk plant dump on the base model 3309 Gorky plant.The car belongs to the middle class of common purpose, a metal body.


Application Development is well proven in the village during transportation and mechanized unloading of production agriculture.It is widely used in industrial production for the transportation of bulk materials: sand, gravel.It is a good assistant in the field of housing and urban development.

Key Features

«GAZ-SAZ-35071" is equipped with a diesel engine capacity of 119 liters D2457E3.from.Truck Capacity - 4090 kg.Maximum speed - 90 km / h.At a speed of about 60 km / h per 100 kilometers consumed 14 liters of fuel.Body with folding metal sides.Volume - 5 m3.Dimensions of the car - 6476h2400h2456.Comfort cab is designed for two people.Some features


«GAZ-SAZ-35071" (dump) is designed for operation in temperate regions at a temperature of -45 ° C to +45 ° C.

design allows to dump the load on three sides, which expands the scope of its use.The possibility of side stall load allows to work in cramped conditions.When choosing sides unloading exempt pins bearing joints.For example, when the left piled removed two right pin.When unloading the right - a couple left.At the rear piled up - front exempt pins.

The machine can be equipped with added boards.Then the volume of the platform "GAZ-SAZ-35071" equals over 10 m3.

Extensions panels can be made of metal mesh or from sheets.They are used for the carriage of lightweight agricultural goods: cabbage, chopped herbal weight and the like mothers.Technique is completed according to customer special tent with fasteners for securing cargo.

Ascent platform provides a telescopic hydraulic cylinder with three retractable plunger.Saransk dump truck "GAZ-SAZ-35071" can not be used when working in quarries, as well as for transportation of mortar and concrete.
The machine is designed for operation on public roads in Russia and the CIS countries.It feels good on unpaved roads and even in the field, as long as the state of the soil ensures the normal flotation technology.That's all the details about the features of the car that we wanted to share.