How to use the package as an advertisement?

plastic bag - a usual thing in the eyes of each person.It is not flashy, but it is constantly on the mind.Advertising on such media can be an excellent opportunity to promote their products.Use a few tips in order to make it effective.

1. Use only packages (LDPE)

Yes, they have less strength than the low-pressure bags, but look much more presentable.To support longer retained its appearance and not stretched out, use a thick polyethylene.It's a little more expensive, but people go with your advertising more.If you want to save money, make a medium-pressure packages (DCPs).They are a bit cheaper, but stronger.They look for less.Packages of low pressure can be used to carry heavy weights in them.Refer only to those companies that have established a complete cycle that they can guarantee the production of high quality packages.Firms that buy polyethylene from third parties, you will not be able to provide the full range of possibilities.

2. Avoid aggressive advertising

Remember, the buyer will go with flashy advertising.Most likely, such a product, he put it in the bag.People willing to use media with advertising brands.Therefore, if your company is new, better put on the wall of the package your logo, without any inscriptions were.So it will look like a normal figure and people will use the package as long as it has a beautiful appearance.Of course, in this case, you will need another way to tell a buyer.For example - advertising in newspapers.Association with a picture pops up instantly and the reader pay attention to such advertising.The longer you use this method, the more effective advertising.

3. Humor and creativity to help you

Try somehow to beat the hole and hand drawing.It is like the buyer, he would be more likely to use the package with your logo.The network has a lot of options of the original harping pens and drawing.Consider consult with the designer.

4. Use eco-friendly bags

This primarily interested advertiser.Advertising, which was lying in the trash or on the ground, produces the opposite effect.Therefore, use eco-friendly materials.Those that decompose rapidly when placed under the sun or dipped in water.

5. Extend the time to advertising deposited in the minds

Remember that in the mind of the buyer's brand will be remembered at once, so the longer people go through your bags, the better.Offers free advertising in different parts of the city.But just to distribute it on the street is not necessary.Offer her shopping with relevant topics.